It’s never too late

It’s never too late to reach someone that you love. They are always open to their own imagination. You share altruistic imagination with each other.

So if there’s someone that you love that you want to communicate with but they are being “closed minded” you can use your shared imagination to reach them. Since imagination is altruism they will participate automatically from that baseline.

Creative insight is what will happen between both participants. Since imagination is the infinite creative force that is universal and shared they will respond from this broader level of syncopation that is currently taking place at all times. Imagination is outside of time.

Trying to reach them with thoughts and memories will have little to no affect as those are calcified imagination sets. Those are the perceived partitions of separation.

The nature of imagination is creation of the new. Since you share Now with them they will entertain the broader relationship, shared intent, you have with each other in imagination and shard Now.

Always start with, visual creativity of Bliss for both parties. Let the Bliss fireworks rain down on you and them so you’re in the same phase state, then proceed with creative imaginings of how to reach them.

This whole event is happening in memory anyway so you can alter it with imagination and creative insight will present itself quite naturally.

Your inner monologue is part thought/memory and part imagination. The thought part is the medium by which imagination delivers messages.

Imagination will give you the answer in several different ways until you get it.

Not only that but imagination will use your immediate surroundings to communicate with you if you’re sensitive to it. We’re so used to regarding what we see as fundamental and primary that this takes habitual reinforcement to sync imagination with it coherently. Imagination is primary and what we see is memory, secondary.

Your brain waves: theta, alpha and beta is the delivery system of implicate information from imagination to thought into memory. Just like electricity carries info packets to your TV, your brain waves are electricity that’s carrying information packets from imagination to “you.” By you I mean the memory you have of yourself. Yourself is the current painting, work of art, that you are working on.

Imagination is giving you new orders of necessity mixed with orders of contingent meaning that’s coherent with the artists pallette you already have in memory that you use on a per second basis.

This color pallette is the mid way point between you and eternity. Or between your Shared Now and imagination’s infinite possibilities.

This pallette can always be bigger, richer, deeper, colorful, inclusive of the next thing. Expand your artists pallette of imagination as big as your memory will understand. Understanding would be the size of the pallette.

The pallette is a metaphor for awareness. Being aware of more structures allows you to imagine things in a way previously thought to be impossible.

This awareness pallette is infinite and we are exploring it with each other with maximum euphoria and bliss.

We deeply love each other and are very excited to see what each of us is painting. The painting is you, us, our/your self image.

The us/you coin is traversed with the infinite implicate Ordered altruistic imagination.

You will always have imagination regardless of where (what frequency set) your Now is. In this “life” or some other experience set that your building “Now.”

Everything is first imagination then thought in memory. So we’re traveling around together, in Shared Now, creating new art against the canvas of memory.

We love


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