Our authorities; doctors, scientists etc

I don’t want my establishment authority figures using logic alone to form their assumptions which they then dispense on to me with a closed mind.

I want the one I choose to land on their assumptions the same way you arrive at the assertion that a Sunset is beautiful.

They, like you, just know. Then we marvel totally phased in with the splendor of it. Experiencing coherent meaning with it.

That is not possible with logic alone. You NEED the emotion of full experiencing immersion, so you Know. That, is real knowledge.

Memorizing logical constructs is not knowledge. That’s a robot, a machine. Logic alone is a labyrinth of blocks and barriers breaking into smaller pieces then slamming into each other charged with excitement of fear in a negative imagination losing sight of why they’re there in the first place with no *idea* how to get out, crippled by even more of the excitement of fear. That’s hell.

That’s not you though. You know a beautiful Sunset when you see one. That’s how you Know you’re alive. That’s a symbol of infinite formless content into crystallized being with the Whole.

Undivided Wholeness.

That’s what we are.



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