The Marijuana culture

I think it’s interesting the way the culture of pot smokers started out and how that is going to transition into big mechanistic business.

The stoner crowd has always been a group dynamic. Very sharing and giving, getting high together, talking about nothing of importance, purposelessness.  Just amazing.  A micro revolution of the human mind.

I’m in interested to see how this deep culture of shared open imaginative love is going to transition into calcified mechanistic business that only care about profit and the survival of self and nothing else.  Survival is a reaction to memory/thought.  It has nothing to do with imagination.  People do things to survive because they remember other people dying and fear that.

It’s the same process of the journey of information from Imagination to Thought. This journey is carried by Energy of our shared consciousness. Imagination, as you know is; free, open, shared, giving, does whatever you want, loves you, protects you with suggestions, gives you life with new ideas etc…I could go on.

Thought is the dried immovable cement of cold, fear, survival and business.  Thought is a survival mechanism. Memory is where thought is stored for the next survival task.  That’s all backward.  Memory should be used as the gateway/ artistic palette to infinite imagination and the greater whole. It’s slowly changing.  I’m helping with my curiosity and passion about reality and absurdity.

Weed started out as a social insight into the nature of human love for one another.  Now I’m interested to see how that depth of union will transform the current state of what humans have built to date which they’ve used to kill each other; for self or group preservation. This memory/survival thing is a jungle mindset that evolved. This is changing and will soon be gone.

A subtle revolution.  It’s one of many things that are adding to the change of the human mind; and by extension the consensus world.

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