The Blind Spot in your eye

The blind spot of the eye is the singularity. That’s where Hawking radiation is being emitted from. What’s happening in the singularity is imagination is being organized into a structure with static electricity. Matter is static electricity around imagination balls. Atoms and particles are little units of imagination in a bag of static electricity that fit or that snaps it all in place per your intent. The images you see when you close your eyes is therefore a preview of what’s going to happen without a tactile time line. Or a string of other things you and the consensus have “created.” though there’s really nothing there.

The memory is what is keeping track of everything. We’re collectively adding to memory. It’s all happening Now.  There is no other time. The function of grabbing the imagination and putting static electricity around it is Thinking. The flow of creation is then: I into E out to consensus (with an emotional charge) then into memory/thought. “you” are the one Thinking. We can do this because we are conscious.

If people choose not to Think for themselves then they are implicitly giving their creative power to someone else. Mechanism/predestination is then the perceived feedback loop because people are syncing their mind with someone else. If that person has a negative imagination then the rote function turns life into slavery and hopelessness. So Think for yourself with a positive imagination.

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