Capitalism relies on the assumption that humans are not naturally curious.

Because if “they had too much money they wouldn’t do anything but loiter and not work,” and never be curious about something ever.

Capitalism is then viewed as a reward to those that go against their own nature and become this mythical curious being that deserves everything delivered on a golden platter.

That’s the reason people want capitalism.

Here’s the succession of assumptions that led to this false assumption about humanity.

Plato starts a school of understanding and awe of the world. This then becomes mechanized by scholasticism by the authority of carried models of thought.

This school idea then is used to keep everyone on the same page as a society so information distribution can be efficient and deposited into mass culture.

School is now then a conditioning process from a infant into a unit of society.

Enter capitalism. Capitalism is then a reward to those people that either never went to the condition process or did go through it and viewed it as a good start to the imagination of what could be is…

Capitalism is trying to fix a problem humans started with scholasticism: smart person exchanges information for money from non smart people. So, “smart” people then capitalize on this illusion.

Back to reality. Imagination, curiosity, science and art all go hand in hand. For a baby that’s the first 5 years of its life. Until scholasticism. Then capitalism. Then 401K in corporate success.

If people have too much money and are surviving like crazy they are going to be like a kid and be curious, use their imagination and figure all it out so they can explore. That’s human. That’s reality.

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