Child’s Imagination

Every kid 5 and under knows more about the nature of existence which they can reference with their imagination on demand than any adult that has ever lived.

We’re not here to memorize facts about the nature of existence. We’re here to experience the excitement of the most valuable resource in all existence, the square root of imagination – Perception.

At 5 years old children start to form their own Perception. This perception is the point of human existence.

Like fingerprints, perception is the only way existence will ever be experienced, from that perspective. You.

Your perception is the only way, moment, time, formula, imagination cocktail that will ever be used to experience the known but unexperienced.

Every breath you take has this infinite value.

Let your imagination run wild with positivity! Each thought you have came as a result of your fingerprint perception. Every thought!

More exciting the better!

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