Memory in imagination

Memory is just imagination that’s been experienced and repeatedly called upon. It repeats with a frequency that is constant.

The density grams of any object is this constant.

Earth is 5.51 grams. 5 times a second. The densest!
Human brain is 1 gram. 1 time a second
Water is 1 gram. 1 time a second

Brain waves run between. .5 hz (pineal gland is .5 grams) and 100z.  Below .5 hz is considered death.

Static electricity holds all this together.

Imagination is unexperienced memories.

Because of the absolute uniqueness of your Perception these memories will have infinite value once they have been experienced.

Once they have been experienced they will be “Things.” If they repeat with necessary regularity they are objects, literally and figuratively.

A suggestion is then that every experience you have ever had that has caused pain, when you let it go forgive and forget the objects that have formed, are attracting the like junk will be gone. So the same problem won’t keep showing up.

Forgive yourself, everyone and forget.

You have some exciting memories to experience…

Let excitement be your guide!

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