The Truth

The Truth cannot be informed.

The base structure of the existence cannot be transferred to someone that thinks their narrow perspective is coming from the base of existence. Everyone is currently in the most narrow point of existence. Except kids, they are right behind you to do the same thing.

You can’t give the base of a pyramid to someone that’s willfully being the apex. It doesn’t work. It won’t fit. Their perception of you giving them the Truth while they’re being a focused version of their excitement will be viewed as a violent act.

Everyone must DISCOVER it themselves. Moreover, they must experimentally discover it in a way that’s exciting to them.

All school and western thought is that truth can be told from one person to another. That’s what school is. That’s what a job is. One guy telling others the base of something and requiring they adhere to the unfolding necessities of this… That’s slavery. That’s hell.

On the other hand, if the students come to these conclusions on their own through their own excitement that is entirely different. That’s freedom, joy, excitement, happiness, energy, imagination, intuition… The whole being is involved.

Time space has it as a requirement that there is a larger base then you build on that with succession of events on top of that. That’s why time space exists. It is a structure finder. Existence is using time space to figure out its own structure

This structure is required to be built by each person within in the perspective of something that excites them.

You are not going to be told what the truth is and then just start “doing” The truth. What you are going to “do” is you are going to experience what excites you and then the personal succession of queries within that experience is going to unfold into a structure that is “truth.”

If you want “truth” you want to suspend all the foundational structures that are assumed to be true and willfully explore other positive options to see what fits. Everything that was “told” to be “absolutely true” needs to be treated as a suggestion so other base structures can be entertained. This is the hardest part. This is very difficult. This has to come from a internal place of need.

You start with what’s excites you. Then you stay with that and ignore people that are trying to “inform” you of what’s “absolutely true.” The absolute truth would need absolute knowledge that came from experience and that is unknown. Every possible experience has not happened yet. For example, today people will experience something that has never been experienced before by their perspective. That’s happening Now.

Not every option has been experienced yet. That’s what you are doing. You are experiencing options to see if you like it or dislike it as a structure of you. Ultimately everyone is excited by the same thing. That’s the driver that is putting everyone on the same general path of the discovery of self structure.

If the experience excites you that’s a yes, if it doesn’t that’s a no. That’s how you experientially discover what you are, from the ground up.

Excitement will never let you down. That’s the railway of certainty. That’s your guide. Into discovering the TRUTH of the existence and how to all works like clock work.

Because you get to come to this clock work mechanism through excitement this journey is going to be viewed or experienced as “Alive” or self sustained Life.

Life is exciting.

We’re doing it together.

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