Positive reality

Your thoughts might evaporate but mine don’t. Mine are as real as the ground you’re standing on. While yours are evaporating per your expectation mine are radio active with positivity that radiate the thermal dynamics of your body. My positive imagination restructures the DNA and the RNA of your genome to spring forth Bliss and excitement that permeates and obliterates any and all shades of doubt.

My positive thoughts are a persistent freight train that installs itself permanently into the atomic code of all that exists.

Your negative imagination evaporates indeed and what’s left is the blistering reality of heart pounding fire and vigor of the unfolding translucent space vacating freedom, openness, passion and empirical results.

Negative imagination will ALWAYS lose to the infinite unbridled power of the positive imagination.

Move your squirt gun of evaporating inadequacy out of the way. Reality IS.

Where REALITY is doubt cannot also be.

Happy Sunday. You are exciting. That is your consistent state of BEING.

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