Fear Is One Note

The next time fear creeps up on you just look at fear in the face and say, “Well I’m afraid now, what else you got? What, nothing else? Honey, you’re not going to make it in this town with jus.. (you’re half smiling) with just one pony. (you laugh) you’re gonna need to be able to dance or at least sing. Can you even sing?”

Fear: I mean a little in the shower.

You: the shower? Fear! Please, what is this amateur hour? Jesus, fear at least put this little bitch pink tutu on. And growl more. Okay from the top!

Fear swings in does a cabaret dip move, a back flip and lands in the splits position, with a pink tutu.

You: Yay! Fear, fuck me, you nailed it!

Fear bows.

You: welp, F-money, you did it. Still can’t believe that. Anyway. I have to split. Yeah, sorry F town. Gotta get up for a breakfast engagement… with life and shit that’s cool … So… Later on.

You walk away.

Fear: oh… Well.. ok. Same time tomorrow?

You: eek, don’t think so, bro. Only hang with things that are exciting. You’re potential is maxed out, bud. I’m not afraid of you anymore.

Fear: okay! Well, be safe!

You:… I breathe safety. Peace!

Fear: what a nice guy. Some Guy sure is cool.

And that’s how you conquer fear.


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