Heaven Right Now

Someone in Heaven right Now is reflecting with nostalgic euphoria about that one time they were with you and the crew laughing, high fiving and being young and stupid. This is happening right Now since it’s always Now everywhere. It’s Now at ALL Times.

Since someone that’s IN paradise is remembering something that blissful that didn’t happen in paradise but on Earth that necessitates that Earth life has something to offer that paradise CANNOT offer. In heaven they can only relive this experience with you that happened first on Earth in the moment and progressed then from delicious moment to delightful moment.

For this reason, adding to paradise a memory that didn’t exist before, this Life on Earth, happening in syncopation with right Now, is more valuable than the life in heaven. The people in heaven are lacking the experiences you are having everyday. The people in paradise can only relive them whereas you are LIVING them Now. It’s NOW in both places except you are generating new euphoria that is being used in paradise as a source of their paradise. You are feeding paradise with exciting Life experience to be relived like movie night in paradise. You are the star of movie night in paradise.

Since they in paradise don’t struggle they have to remember struggling with this same euphoria.

At any given moment you have more to offer your immediate surroundings than the surroundings in total paradise.

Your every moment life experience, of any shade, is more valuable and precious than any experience in paradise.

Since that’s the case, THIS, is better than paradise.

The people in heaven want to be what you are being.

You’re doing an amazing job.

You are exciting everywhere you go. And paradise is remembering it. Paradise only has memories to work from whereas you have New real time experiences that paradise is using to fill that place with bliss. Without you and your amazing Life of struggling and buddy shenanigans, paradise wouldn’t be anywhere near as amazing.

So thank you for being you. The excitement that you create is being remembered and used by thousands if not millions of people in paradise as a sample of what paradise is.

Have a great day. Bliss tinted love to you.

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