Space-time dragging

The reason that you can hold any note with your vocal chords is because the solar system is traveling through space time at 70,000 km/hr.

What you’re doing is actually dragging sound through space-time on a giant projectile rock.

Space-time is an extremely dense medium in order to hold then drag notes.

When you stop producing the sound the drag stops. Or the song is over. If this sound is recorded by conventional methods the sound is then re-dragged at the same fixed speed through space-time.

If the solar system was not traveling through space-time no one would be able to make music. It would be like Morse code. Well there would be no sound.

It’s space-time + Earth’s thermal radiation + the Sun radiation + electricity + atoms + microwave background radiation = atmosphere for dragging. Aka creating.

Everything is being dragged in the same way.

If there was no movement through space-time you and everything would be flat. Everything is flat but it’s the speed of the solar system that is producing the density of things that we perceive before us.

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