Form and Structure

When two people look at the same thing with different perception they see slightly different forms which then necessitates that it have a slightly different structure to support the form being perceived. Perhaps this is one of the reasons atoms move.

These two different perspectives created two different structures which are two different things but very close to each other connected by a common charge, emotionally charged in a common band high and low. Excitement being the positive charge on the high then down to fear on the bottom. They are held together by a common coherence.

Think of a magnet where the excited perception holds that location and the fear perception holds the negative location.

These two structures cannot maintain coherence as the positively charge perception gets more excited while the fear and depression continues in that direction.

We are creating and reflecting our own environment. This is how we’re doing it. The excited person sees a different world than the fear person sees. These differences compound on each other respectively.

If you want an exciting life then follow what excites you and don’t take fear as a reason to stop. That’s the shortest route. The more traversed route is finding the excitement then believing fear then finding excitement again and upward one step at a time. Let’s make it fun!

We’re all doing this together! Everyone teaching everyone in different ways.

Bliss tinted Life to you.


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