Existence vs God

God is bound to necessity. Whereas Existence is Being.

God needs to be absolute and can have no contingency whatsoever. He is bound by need.

Existence is an unfolding that’s producing needs and contingencies as a by product of its movement. By movement I mean like a flower unfolds into space-time with coherent resonation of the energy of the Sun and water (like a toaster in a bathtub). Also known as “growing.” A flower is filling out a predetermined pattern with energy (sun/water conducting).

God is bound to the necessity to exist: God Needs to Exist.

Whereas Existence is Being; there’s no state of nothing where Existence is not also at. You can’t go outside of imagination. That place would be somewhere that can’t be imagined. Can you imagine somewhere that can’t be imagined?

Nothing doesn’t exist but it needs to. If the thing needs to exist it doesn’t.

Existence is being and being is existing.

Therefore, God is a by product of Existence.

All states outside of Being can only be visited with the imagination. Imagination is always telling you that truth. It’s always telling you the truth. What it’s not telling you is the structure of what you are being shown. You have to ask the imagination what the structure is and it will show it to you.

You will then go build the structure and then you will unfold what it is you saw. That’s Being. God can’t do that.

Existence is what’s happening. We are existing and looking at Existence from 7 billion different full immersion perspectives and emotional dispositions. God can’t do that either.

We know from existing experience what it’s like to get fired and hired and dumped and hit on in the same day with your favorite song on the radio. God doesn’t.

All information exists. It, like the flower, is unfolding into space-time with coherent resonation of energy (excitement) and thinking (fluid information movement). A new idea is like a toaster in the bathtub.

Existence is. We Are. Being.

One thought on “Existence vs God

  1. Siim Land

    If you look at the concept of a God as a creator of existence then in some way we are all one. We are creating our own being and existence. Loved your writing espscially the end.

    Liked by 1 person

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