Child’s Imagination

Every kid 5 and under knows more about the nature of existence which they can reference with their imagination on demand than any adult that has ever lived.

We’re not here to memorize facts about the nature of existence. We’re here to experience the excitement of the most valuable resource in all existence, the square root of imagination – Perception.

At 5 years old children start to form their own Perception. This perception is the point of human existence.

Like fingerprints, perception is the only way existence will ever be experienced, from that perspective. You.

Your perception is the only way, moment, time, formula, imagination cocktail that will ever be used to experience the known but unexperienced.

Every breath you take has this infinite value.

Let your imagination run wild with positivity! Each thought you have came as a result of your fingerprint perception. Every thought!

More exciting the better!

The Bloody Moon

Let’s try not to embarrass The Moon this Sunday, guys. She’s old.

Look, she’s blushing! Wait is that anger? She’s mad? No… Wait… It’s charades, she’s playing charades… Umkay… Uh… I see “the white Horse fell in the blood…”

I can’t do this… I can’t Guess what the bloody moon is trying to say…

“I can’t HEAR you… ” I scream at the moon.

What’s that, moon? You have jelly on your face? Oh, no… Iiiii have jelly.. No… I have *Something* on my face. What?

Some Guy turns and realizes he’s on a very tiny blog stage that he created.

Egg, I have egg on my face. 😐


Memory in imagination

Memory is just imagination that’s been experienced and repeatedly called upon. It repeats with a frequency that is constant.

The density grams of any object is this constant.

Earth is 5.51 grams. 5 times a second. The densest!
Human brain is 1 gram. 1 time a second
Water is 1 gram. 1 time a second

Brain waves run between. .5 hz (pineal gland is .5 grams) and 100z.  Below .5 hz is considered death.

Static electricity holds all this together.

Imagination is unexperienced memories.

Because of the absolute uniqueness of your Perception these memories will have infinite value once they have been experienced.

Once they have been experienced they will be “Things.” If they repeat with necessary regularity they are objects, literally and figuratively.

A suggestion is then that every experience you have ever had that has caused pain, when you let it go forgive and forget the objects that have formed, are attracting the like junk will be gone. So the same problem won’t keep showing up.

Forgive yourself, everyone and forget.

You have some exciting memories to experience…

Let excitement be your guide!

Taking the good with the bad

The good thing about this idea of taking the good with the bad is that bad people take your good tinged with the potential of the infinite with their limited bad and have to figure out how they structure together as a means to traverse into the unlimited.

That’s the power you have when you choose the positive imagination to flow into your perception.

Being positive is a Light. That the negative will use as a structure to climb up to you.

Love your neighbor.


You want to be in a relationship with someone that has a perception as close to yours as possible but one of the two has a little more of openness. (P in meyers briggs)

You do because you will be co-creating each others life and livelihood mutually. You’re gonna want to trust this person implicitly and totally.

Dating is to see if this trust can be formed. If their perspective is extremely different than yours this trust will be more difficult to build.

Coherent perspective is maximum trust of each other.

Afraid of something

If you’re afraid of something you’re imagining it coming at you then hoping it doesn’t.

Physically and literally you are manifesting it by imagining it coming at you.

If the initial image pops in your head you thumbs down or so nah and it’s gone. You then pull up an image of peace, bliss, love, joy, absurdity(which is what I do) and that’s what will happen.

Then you get to experience your image biologically as well when the image you pulled up happens and you get to feel tactile results of this image you created. Then you get to explore yourself with love and splendor and unlimited openness.

Instead of the fear tension thing.

Paint it Bliss. Feel it. Now.

Mind Body problem resolved

The meeting place of the mind/body is Perception.

They are not separate. They swirl together in a whirlpool of Your Perception.

Perception is the input of memory (brain tissue), emotion (pituitary gland) and imagination (pineal gland).

Thought emerges on the electricity stream between brain tissue and memory and is everything you have ever experienced and know that feeds the Perception stream of awareness.

Thinking is the electrical activity of involving the imagination (electricity) in coherence with thought and feelings.

Perception is a cast of awareness and receiver of symbols. It’s a vortex where all imagination, memory, thought and feeling swirl together are Thinking (intermittently cohering). Deciding, does that excite me? Because I’m exciting.

The eye of this hurricane is You. You are conscious.

We are conscious. We are Now.


Reality is My Canvas

Life is a work of performance art replete with aperture perfect darks, light, shading and brightness. The COLOR is a mixture combination never seen or experienced by any other. The entire MOSAIC of the entire spectrum of human emotions with crystallized Heights of kindness flow like a beam of inspiration. That can only show their splendor with the hallows of the deep dark night of fear.

LIFE! Is there anything else you need anything else you want?

You have the experience waiting for you at your fingertips. To brighten the sky and shade in the mountains, your mountain awaits, your creation awaits.

Life is the performance Art and Reality the canvas.

Enjoy yourself

The Scientist and the Artist

The scientist is excited to discover the structure of the painting so the artist can then be inspired by both and paint something new so the scientist can get exited to find the structure of that and so on so they can both experience the joy of where this freight train of excitement will go as it goes…

Get excited. Your positive imagination is addictive.