Capitalism relies on the assumption that humans are not naturally curious.

Because if “they had too much money they wouldn’t do anything but loiter and not work,” and never be curious about something ever.

Capitalism is then viewed as a reward to those that go against their own nature and become this mythical curious being that deserves everything delivered on a golden platter.

That’s the reason people want capitalism.

Here’s the succession of assumptions that led to this false assumption about humanity.

Plato starts a school of understanding and awe of the world. This then becomes mechanized by scholasticism by the authority of carried models of thought.

This school idea then is used to keep everyone on the same page as a society so information distribution can be efficient and deposited into mass culture.

School is now then a conditioning process from a infant into a unit of society.

Enter capitalism. Capitalism is then a reward to those people that either never went to the condition process or did go through it and viewed it as a good start to the imagination of what could be is…

Capitalism is trying to fix a problem humans started with scholasticism: smart person exchanges information for money from non smart people. So, “smart” people then capitalize on this illusion.

Back to reality. Imagination, curiosity, science and art all go hand in hand. For a baby that’s the first 5 years of its life. Until scholasticism. Then capitalism. Then 401K in corporate success.

If people have too much money and are surviving like crazy they are going to be like a kid and be curious, use their imagination and figure all it out so they can explore. That’s human. That’s reality.

Reality is Successful

Failure is not reality. Succession is reality.

Whatever is happening right now is in succession with something that stopped happening just before. All of the time these successes are happening in succession with one another.

Think of how many ways you can move your successful life into positivity. Those successes will be more exciting.

Leave your mark

Perception is the fingerprint of your imagination. If you want to leave your mark and impact the world then use your positive imagination and let your fingerprint perception flow into ideas….then let the ideas Happen..and Be…Without out judgement

Start with your positive imagination and let’s change the world.

Let’s do this.

Your environment

The mechanism of information transfer happens only one way. That’s small into big. DNA into RNA, synapses fire into neuron receivers with more energy, the electrode goes into the socket, radio signal into receiver, the male part into the female part, plane into hanger

This is a law of physics. If you feel small you therfore then have more energy and something to give and communicate to the greater number of us. That we need. We need to hear what’s on the hearts of people that are in a dip of feeling small.

Since we are in the greater environment, this mechanism applies, you are informing your environment how to behave through stream perception.

If your perception is excited you will see excitement everywhere you look and feel.

That’s how what you see is a reflection of your imagination and thought through perception.

It’s physics.

We need the people that are feeling small. They have something to inform us about ourselves.


The Blind Spot in your eye

The blind spot of the eye is the singularity. That’s where Hawking radiation is being emitted from. What’s happening in the singularity is imagination is being organized into a structure with static electricity. Matter is static electricity around imagination balls. Atoms and particles are little units of imagination in a bag of static electricity that fit or that snaps it all in place per your intent. The images you see when you close your eyes is therefore a preview of what’s going to happen without a tactile time line. Or a string of other things you and the consensus have “created.” though there’s really nothing there.

The memory is what is keeping track of everything. We’re collectively adding to memory. It’s all happening Now.  There is no other time. The function of grabbing the imagination and putting static electricity around it is Thinking. The flow of creation is then: I into E out to consensus (with an emotional charge) then into memory/thought. “you” are the one Thinking. We can do this because we are conscious.

If people choose not to Think for themselves then they are implicitly giving their creative power to someone else. Mechanism/predestination is then the perceived feedback loop because people are syncing their mind with someone else. If that person has a negative imagination then the rote function turns life into slavery and hopelessness. So Think for yourself with a positive imagination.

Your eyes

The output of your optic nerve. Hawking Radiation is coming out of the blind spot of your eye. This Radiation is traveling at this speed:

448,900,000,000,000,000 mph. Or 8.98755179 × 1016 m2/ s2.

That’s a magnitude of 2 times the speed of light. The energy in this beam is at rest, it’s 0 hz. Meaning it’s happening Now. The radiation is basically stationary as the contents are moving in and out of it. Like sliding in and out of moving car. This is so because both static electricity and magnetism (stationary at 0hz) push and pull from imagination into the stream.

It’s the dynamic film strip of your perception. The frame that holds the constant flowing information. It’s the delivery system of dynamic information flow. The film strip remains but the content is infinite and dynamic. You are the full sensory, full experiential medium of this aggregation and emitting of emotionally charged information traversing the cosmos and imagination. This is how you’re making it. This is you in every nano second.

The background that this is shining on is moving, at various frequencies, but the information you are emitting is not. Static electricity and atoms are the binder for this whole production.

The energy beam that is being emitted from your optic nerve on to all the moving neutral environments, like the crab nebula, is the substance of your imagination Squared as perception which is unique to only you; your visual fingerprint.

So wherever you or anyone looks, is looking or has looked that perception will manifest before light is there to bounce off of and go back through your senses to your memory of the environment. We are participating in a consensus perception when our eyes are open. This is a law of physics. Einstein discovered it.

This is the physics of what’s actually creating your immediate reality in real time, right now. This is the mechanism of the fingerprint of your imagination. Your unique existence.

The parts of your eyes that is taking IN light (which is then the product of your perception mixed with the neutral mechanical infinite background) are the parts around the optic nerve area. That information is then organized and remitted with the new “external” data and imagination of possibilities (the data from the background that the light was carrying and your emotional disposition) creates a newer and continously ongoing perception shift to more and more of what excites you. Your reality is contingent on what excites you. That could be good excitement or bad excitement. If the consensus is positive you will see positive “things.”

If the tension of fear, the pass/fail tension is exiting, then your whole life will be a series of those events. That’s bad excitement.

If your imagination and the content of several of your ideas is exciting to you as a possible solution to solve one problem at hand then your life will be a series of solving problems from a place of exciting abundance of ideas that are exciting. That’s good excitement. The emotional charge of this excitement makes this even more valuable.

The mosaic of all this energy together is then recorded to your memory and treated like a work of art that has infinite value because of your 1 in infinity perception that created it. We are all contributing to this uniquely and totally. We’re being Life Artists.

It’s the same exact physics as a black hole. The energy that’s coming out of a black hole is creating very general perception parameters. All black holes work the same. The energy that’s going in is being filtered and remitted. The energy that’s coming out of black holes is pure positively charged energy that’s implemented in the cosmos that’s being used to balance it. The cosmos and all that we see is a balance between positive and negative impact. We are actively contributing to this evolved and established mechanism within our own personality of optimism or negativity.

This is how we are in real time manifesting everything we see against a neutral backdrop of infinite possibilities, multi sub-text levels, multi frequency, all dimensional background that is a mechanical process. The mechanism of the background can be found in Bohm’s Implicate Order and the Schrödinger equation. Bohm also discovered the physics of how the mind works. So that’s there now also.

The goal of this process is to find out from full immersion sensory experience what resonates with the whole through your infinitely one of a kind unique perception. The feeling of excitement is your guide, or the on board decision-making apparatus.

Self-awareness and self discovery is what is driving this expedition. And it’s blowing up with infinite new existences and exciting new ideas and possibilities.

The speed above was discovered by Einstein with his theory of general relativity.

When people say you are a creator this what they mean.

Our authorities; doctors, scientists etc

I don’t want my establishment authority figures using logic alone to form their assumptions which they then dispense on to me with a closed mind.

I want the one I choose to land on their assumptions the same way you arrive at the assertion that a Sunset is beautiful.

They, like you, just know. Then we marvel totally phased in with the splendor of it. Experiencing coherent meaning with it.

That is not possible with logic alone. You NEED the emotion of full experiencing immersion, so you Know. That, is real knowledge.

Memorizing logical constructs is not knowledge. That’s a robot, a machine. Logic alone is a labyrinth of blocks and barriers breaking into smaller pieces then slamming into each other charged with excitement of fear in a negative imagination losing sight of why they’re there in the first place with no *idea* how to get out, crippled by even more of the excitement of fear. That’s hell.

That’s not you though. You know a beautiful Sunset when you see one. That’s how you Know you’re alive. That’s a symbol of infinite formless content into crystallized being with the Whole.

Undivided Wholeness.

That’s what we are.


How to Time travel

Since everything you see is a consensus memory then in order to go back in Time you would need to hypnotize 7 billion people simultaneously and make a broadcasted request to go back 2 days because you forgot to take the laundry out of the dryer before the game started.

I say fuck it, let’s do it. I got $200 riding on this Game.