Perception is the finger prints unique distribution of these three factors. You are an unfolding of imagination, thought and emotion Right Now.

That will never change. Unless you focus on the Now. Then you can telescope in to be one of many spectators to the experiential exploration of infinite exciting ideas and patterns of emotion.

Your perception has more value than you can possibly fathom with your wildest imagination on LSD.

Everything you experience is more valued and unique than finding a pure diamond in an infinite Hay stack. Your personal experience in every second is this valuable.

You are full immersion, uniquely and totally, experiencing what Infinite possibility is absolutely pining for.

You are more than Loved. There is no word to describe your per second value. Infinite max isn’t strong enough as there is no relatable emotion to reference from memory.

There will be though. You and everyone are contributing joyously to the wonderful endeavor.

Get excited about your struggles. Get excited about this opportunity you have and the excitement of fear will dissipate.

Your positive imagination just changed your perception and now let’s climb this bitch and have some fun!



The Concentric Circles of existence

The 3 circles are  3 – Imagination – 2 thought  1 emotion. Emotion is the densest form of electricity.  These circles pour evenly into the memory of Right Now. Every memory and experience you’ve had was stenciled into your memory with electricity. Which is exactly what brain waves are.

That’s a black hole, folks. Rather I should say a total awareness hole. A Light Hole.

You are like everyone else is – A limited awareness Light hole. A Light Bulb.

You’re a light bulb of limited awareness. If you were given full awareness right now your circuits would dissolve. That’s death if your body isn’t conditioned to receive that much excitement.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is follow what you’re passionately curious about to increase your awareness of whatever it is that compels you. Never stop doing this. Explore all the options and choose which one that excites you. Explore all and be excited by all the myriad of ways to solve the problem. Get excited about infinite ideas and options to do the established closed minded mechanism.

This is where you SHINE.

You amazing fellow light bulb. Bzzzt~

How you know it’s real

How you know something is real. If you’re able to sync your emotions with it. If there’s emotional hepatic feedback then it’s alive and real.

If not, it’s a belief. Or a emotionally charged assumption. If the notion of never enough is there then you’re trying to cohere with yourself.

Because once Energy (emotions) are coherently synchronized there is no undoing that. That is eternal. That, is what’s real. The notion of never enough isn’t even in the equation.

Imagine higher

Fear and positivity

Fear is exciting. This excitement is rooted in the tension of pass or fail. With the assumption that if you pass you get the grand prize and if you fail you get death.

We choose fear because of the excitement.

I’m suggesting we be excited about infinite possibilities that surround any given moment instead of this choice.

This is the good excitement. This is the excitement that changes the world. With this excitement you get to be excited to see which idea you have that’s going to fit as the solution to the problem at hand.

Instead if whether or not one attempt is either going to pass or fail. And if that one attempt passes you get some fictitious prize that will stop all future decision making. This is a unilateral losing disposition because if you pass and are promised no more problems then when the school of life keeps coming at full blast you realize that the objective is not to win one time or to get in the club or enter paradise but rather it’s an overall education of choosing positive imagination. Instead of excitement of fear which is the narrative of the western world. Sadly.

Then the treadmill of problems hits the winner on the head whereas the positive imagination guy is using that as their ground into more interesting and amazing plateaus. Upward and upward.

Let’s get excited about the infinite number of possible solutions. This is one of the reoccurring reliable events in the structure of positive thinking.

When you’re afraid you’re focusing on only the one option and are tied to it because of the excitement of fear. I’m suggesting you move your focus to the excitement of infinite potential and get tied to that excitement.

The process of building on past excitements rooted in the infinite is an evolved person. You then use that new plateau built on excitement to then do it again with the next decision you have to make. Which leads to something even more compelling, interesting and exciting.

The people that stay with the excitement of fear in their negative imagination will call you enlightened. But you won’t understand them because you’ll be too excited about the infinite implicate possible ways to solve your next problem.

That’s how you become more meaningful to more people and filled with wisdom, compassion and love. That’s just choosing to use your positive imagination.

Being rich

Being rich is not a bad thing. It’s being rich mixed with no creativity that’s the problem.

If you’re rich but aren’t using it to execute vision into things that sync with the most people than that’s the terrible person no body likes.

Elon Musk is an example of a Good rich person. He uses and used ALL is money to make his visions happen. A good visionary won’t let institutional mechanisms stand in the way of the creative drive.

The terrible rich person puts their money off shore somewhere while they sit somewhere stewing in their negative imagination. These are the people that should be taxed into giving their money to someone with deep wells of creative insight, drive and passion.

Having less money than others is an exercise of exploring infinite options for the first time in a place where you’re being forced to explore only one option: pass/fail of survival.

If you are a creative visionary then you can look for the good kind of rich person and join forces with them. You don’t want the bad kind of rich person. There will be too much conflict. You want your investors to have creative vision like you.

You don’t want to work with someone that is usually stewing in negative imagination when they’re not around you. That then come to you for a pick me up in exchange for more investment capital. That’s prostitution.

You want coherent minds. Coherent minds are always on the same page. From this beauty unfolds things that change the world and help the most people.

Oh yes, and you’ll be rich.

Imagine higher


The Self Image

The Matrix had a famous line in it:

“Residual self image. The mental projection of your digital self.”

I’m going to expand on this idea.

Your actual self is a instantaneous broadcast feedback loop of your memory. Your thoughts about this broadcast is your self image.

Your memory is your canvas by which you are painting with thought from your palette of total personal knowledge of your being.  Imagination is the WIDE OPEN, IMMENSE, Talented, creative etc etc… side of this image.

THINKING is the process of using this palette in conjunction with imagination in a constant moving to explore and experience something exciting.  Thinking is the paint brush that’s going back and forth from imagination to existing thought.  This is what your brain waves (theta, beta alpha) are doing non stop.  They are, in real time, actually carrying new data from Imagination to memory by means of thought with Thinking.  Think of “Thinking” as dipping the brush from the infinite beauty of you to the smaller memory of you, the work of art.  You are your own work of art.

Your self image is a cross product of thought and imagination on the canvas of memory.  Your intuition is your metaphoric eye that’s looking back and forth between the paint and the canvas.  Your intuition is deciding whether it likes what it sees. You’re a Life Artist.  Every work is beautiful and unique and a GIFT to us as shared consciousnesses in Now.  This gift is then openly SHARED with everyone like a jewel on a endless crown of achievement.  That’s you just being you.  There’s nothing more to it than that.  That’s you just painting something exciting for all of US to enjoy and experience.  We can and do fully experience each others works of Art constantly.  That’s how we say hello.  We say, “hello! check out this work of art I Made!” Then the other says, “Wow! Where did you get this!?” You say, “Earth.”  Then you go to Earth to paint something awesome.  That’s what you’re doing.  Painting something awesome and exciting.  We’re one upping each other in loving altruistic fun competition of self experience and actualization.

Imagination uses your memory to speak to you.  If your inner monologue is negative, if you’re hard on yourself, imagination will use that to speak to you.  It will because that’s what’s in memory.  That’s your self image, your work of art.

You can change this with the process of engaging imagination further and deeper to explore it and create a “work of you” that you resonate with at a higher frequency.

You imagine max Bliss.  I use a White sparkly firework that explodes in my mind and gently lands on my skin.  I immediately get blissed.  This action gives me NEW PAINT on my art palette that I can use to PAINT my memory of me!  That’s your NEW baseline of Now.

Your memory has you phase locked to this frequency set.  That’s the only reason you’re not seeing unicorns and dragons and whatever else all the time.  Memory is your anchor to where you are.

When you are sleeping you are quite literally unlocking from this Phased State and drifting around in any number of frequencies that mean something to you

When someone is watching  you sleep they are looking at their memory of you and whatever else their subconscious adds to that image through perception. Everything you see is a work of Art that you are painting incessantly with no awareness of.

Let’s get NEW PAINT from Eternity!

Imagine Max Bliss and intuitively merge with it.  That’s your new baseline of Now.

Your inner monologue will change to a tone of love and adoration for you.  That’s what you want.  You want a coherent path from Imagination to you.  Unobstructed by old memories that have colors that don’t mix with the Bliss.  Those will take care of themselves.  You will be flooding the palette with brilliant new vibrant colors that you didn’t even know existed.

Your imagination as A LOT of wonderful things to share with you. Namely the truth of your infinite endlessly colorful beauty and absolute Magnificence.

We Love.

The Marijuana culture

I think it’s interesting the way the culture of pot smokers started out and how that is going to transition into big mechanistic business.

The stoner crowd has always been a group dynamic. Very sharing and giving, getting high together, talking about nothing of importance, purposelessness.  Just amazing.  A micro revolution of the human mind.

I’m in interested to see how this deep culture of shared open imaginative love is going to transition into calcified mechanistic business that only care about profit and the survival of self and nothing else.  Survival is a reaction to memory/thought.  It has nothing to do with imagination.  People do things to survive because they remember other people dying and fear that.

It’s the same process of the journey of information from Imagination to Thought. This journey is carried by Energy of our shared consciousness. Imagination, as you know is; free, open, shared, giving, does whatever you want, loves you, protects you with suggestions, gives you life with new ideas etc…I could go on.

Thought is the dried immovable cement of cold, fear, survival and business.  Thought is a survival mechanism. Memory is where thought is stored for the next survival task.  That’s all backward.  Memory should be used as the gateway/ artistic palette to infinite imagination and the greater whole. It’s slowly changing.  I’m helping with my curiosity and passion about reality and absurdity.

Weed started out as a social insight into the nature of human love for one another.  Now I’m interested to see how that depth of union will transform the current state of what humans have built to date which they’ve used to kill each other; for self or group preservation. This memory/survival thing is a jungle mindset that evolved. This is changing and will soon be gone.

A subtle revolution.  It’s one of many things that are adding to the change of the human mind; and by extension the consensus world.

It’s never too late

It’s never too late to reach someone that you love. They are always open to their own imagination. You share altruistic imagination with each other.

So if there’s someone that you love that you want to communicate with but they are being “closed minded” you can use your shared imagination to reach them. Since imagination is altruism they will participate automatically from that baseline.

Creative insight is what will happen between both participants. Since imagination is the infinite creative force that is universal and shared they will respond from this broader level of syncopation that is currently taking place at all times. Imagination is outside of time.

Trying to reach them with thoughts and memories will have little to no affect as those are calcified imagination sets. Those are the perceived partitions of separation.

The nature of imagination is creation of the new. Since you share Now with them they will entertain the broader relationship, shared intent, you have with each other in imagination and shard Now.

Always start with, visual creativity of Bliss for both parties. Let the Bliss fireworks rain down on you and them so you’re in the same phase state, then proceed with creative imaginings of how to reach them.

This whole event is happening in memory anyway so you can alter it with imagination and creative insight will present itself quite naturally.

Your inner monologue is part thought/memory and part imagination. The thought part is the medium by which imagination delivers messages.

Imagination will give you the answer in several different ways until you get it.

Not only that but imagination will use your immediate surroundings to communicate with you if you’re sensitive to it. We’re so used to regarding what we see as fundamental and primary that this takes habitual reinforcement to sync imagination with it coherently. Imagination is primary and what we see is memory, secondary.

Your brain waves: theta, alpha and beta is the delivery system of implicate information from imagination to thought into memory. Just like electricity carries info packets to your TV, your brain waves are electricity that’s carrying information packets from imagination to “you.” By you I mean the memory you have of yourself. Yourself is the current painting, work of art, that you are working on.

Imagination is giving you new orders of necessity mixed with orders of contingent meaning that’s coherent with the artists pallette you already have in memory that you use on a per second basis.

This color pallette is the mid way point between you and eternity. Or between your Shared Now and imagination’s infinite possibilities.

This pallette can always be bigger, richer, deeper, colorful, inclusive of the next thing. Expand your artists pallette of imagination as big as your memory will understand. Understanding would be the size of the pallette.

The pallette is a metaphor for awareness. Being aware of more structures allows you to imagine things in a way previously thought to be impossible.

This awareness pallette is infinite and we are exploring it with each other with maximum euphoria and bliss.

We deeply love each other and are very excited to see what each of us is painting. The painting is you, us, our/your self image.

The us/you coin is traversed with the infinite implicate Ordered altruistic imagination.

You will always have imagination regardless of where (what frequency set) your Now is. In this “life” or some other experience set that your building “Now.”

Everything is first imagination then thought in memory. So we’re traveling around together, in Shared Now, creating new art against the canvas of memory.

We love


I’ve been blissed out of my mind all day today. So much so that I’m having a difficult time standing. The struggle is real.

I’m not joking.

I’ve been raising my Now frequency so often that my body is having a tough time coping.

This works. I feel like I’m high and at peace and weigh 200 pounds. I’m barely able to write this. I love you.

Here’s how you do it.

You imagine Bliss then intuitively merge with it. Once you’re blissed you say to yourself, “This is my new Now.” what happens then is your memory will put a peg in that frequency and that’s what your new default state will be. Until you raise it again. You can keep raising it until your body collapses on the floor.

There’s an idea out there that says your highs are then accompanied by lows. That’s not true. You can ratchet it up as high as you can tolerate. When you get used to it, raise it again.

Keep doing it until you are a happy mess that can’t formulate sentences.

It’s that easy. You’re just retraining your memory what your baseline is. Your memory will communicate this new frequency disposition to your body automatically.

This is available to everyone. You have no idea just how powerful the imagination actually is.

Imagine Bliss.

Thank you and I love you. We are unique reflections of various Life Art that we’re enjoying in Shared Now

Always always allllways first reference your imagination BEFORE memory. Imagination is telling you something. It’s always telling you something and manifesting your reality. It’s always trying to tell you something true and absolute. We take this for granted. If you used only your imagination you would be called a genius. The imagination has all the information. It’s outside of Time. Imagination is Altruism.

All the answers you’ve ever wanted and more is in imagination. There is no other medium.

It’s easy to tell the difference. Imagination will always speak to you in images and scenes. Imagination doesn’t speak English or any language for that matter. Your memory will always use language or a character of some kind. Embrace the images and ignore your inner monologue.

Let’s get Blissed.