Babies before 3 years old

In this clip we find that every single choice you have to make all day has already been visited before you were 3 years old by you. Crazy, unh? Your entire life as already been mapped out and viewed. Each baby uses every synapse in their brain. Then they all go into remission and awaken as you come to them. Whenever you have an “ha ha moment”  or learn by means of your own query, you are “jumper cabling” or activating neurons that were already explored but unexperienced before you were 3. You as a baby intuitively lived your current life before you experienced it. This is the #NatureOfExistence


How does One that sees only definition see the vastness of the undefinable?

If one asks someone else they only see definition as well.

How do you occupy defined space that is undefined?


InSight is Intuitive Sight that creates Space for Sight. It’s called Creative InSight.

Intuitive suggestions come first then sight with eyes unfolds Perspective.

One is incapable of seeing outside their own perspective so Intuition is necessary to experience the space of the undefined before it’s defined with perspective.

The Universal Structure


The isosceles triangle is the universal structure of the nature of existence. We are putting experience into Space with emotion. That’s X. We’re “expatiating I.” The whole triangle is “I.”

The “I” is you. Everything you see is a result of the roll out of The Intuitive process of succession (reality) and the what you remember that process to be. The end result is Sensation from the Environment that means something. This Meaning could be, Love, or a Hot stove or any number of Sensations that need a space and a place to harmonize.

This Harmony is X. The only way to collect them is through defined total use of your mind (Intuition/pineal gland) and body (thought/emotion/pituitary gland)

The more excited your memory is the more excited thought and Intuition is the more exciting X is as a qualitative by product.

Inhale as deep as you can, when at the apex think, “I’m excited” Then exhale. You will immediately become more excited.

You can play with the formula above to monitor your thoughts that come in. This is the formula for Perspective. All thought comes from memory. Thinking is the static electric activity of all three sides of the Triangle.

What you see and feel each day is X. That’s your field of view.



“It is paradoxical, yet true, to say, that the more we know, the more ignorant we become in the absolute sense, for it is only through enlightenment that we become conscious of our limitations. Precisely one of the most gratifying results of intellectual evolution is the continuous opening up of new and greater prospects.”

Nikola Tesla

True progression is forward movement to larger Vistas of freedom and open space. This place, the view, can only be reached with positive Intuition. Empiricism is blocked as it lives in confinement of the world of the defined so it can’t see something as undefined as large Vistas that surpass definition. This is what Tesla was talking about.


New plasma discoveries suggest that the solar system is stationary, covered in plasma, that is in an electrical current.

This would mean outer space is more like a river that’s moving through us at 70,000 km/hr and the Earth is spinning in this field being protected by a giant ball of plasma that is ignited by the electricity river, the Sun.

This model suggests that the sun is not burning but attracting radiation and fusing it into energy, light.

This would mean our solar system is held in place magnetically by field of plasma being then fused and completed by a deluge of Radioactive electricity. It’s like photosynthesis in space for planets and living things.

Plasma is positively charged and electricity is negatively charged. Protons and electrons slamming into each other and making things. Making Space with harmonious electricity. Or, amplitude and frequency coming together. Or, making space-time.

Making what you see before you.

Yeshua and Christianity

Figured out that Yeshua was a cultural imagining of the return of David.

The name Yeshua is a sort of mystical activity of the name David. Which, David predicted he would come back as this mighty powerful warrior that can kill thousands of Goliaths with one thought.

So almost all the people from his house were naming their kid Yeshua because they thought David was going to reincarnate as this cultural concoction of hope through this name. That’s why that name was so common among descendants of King Solomon’s hero, Goliath conquering, David.

An expectation of a mystical Incarnation of King David that was going to conquer the foes and restore the Kingdom of Israel was now a cultural progression.

That’s where Yeshua savor came from. This re-incarnation never happened but there were many that used that name has a vehicle of power. It was powerful because of the cultural love and adoration of King David and his majestic memories among the people.

This pending return to Mystical King David/Yeshua gave people Hope. They soon found that just by saying the name of Mystic David (Yeshua) they would be able to tap into the power of King David’s mythical giant slayer strength that was now radioactive with power. (Pentecost)

This gave rise to groups of people doing acts of power “in the name of Yeshua.” Since anyone could use this name of Mystic David it became a power for the people. All you had to know was this one Name. That was simple enough for the least educated person to understand.

This is the kernel of how Christianity took root and overthrew Rome. From the ground up. This movement, because of the simplicity and grassroots of it, took off like wildfire. This collective new use of Intent to Love freely with only 1 thing to remember, saved people from personal regression.

This mystical David movement grew too much to remain confined to the house of David. Because all that was needed was the one name, truly anyone could be part of this power that was not totally understood. It became so widespread, this Yeshua power, that random people were using it. So they had to figure out a way to know who really loved people and who was just using the power for show. So the notion of, “accept Yeshua into your heart,” and then you were one of the good people with good intentions to use it.

All they knew was it worked when Love was present. This went on until it was institutionalized by Rome. Then people didn’t like Rome but this magic David name kept working.

So people found freedom in this power wherever they went. Paul, being the traveling showman went around showing everyone what he could do now that the Mystical power of King David was at his fingertips. Paul wanted to conquer the world with it. He heard of King David but didn’t care. He cared about the power.

That’s how Christianity came to be.


If you want to become an Authority in something that’s the same as the guy with the giant monster truck with the loud stereo blasting Vanilla Ice with no muffler. You’re compensating for something and need to be tolerated while you’re in the general area.

If you aspire to be an authority in something you basically are an insecure megalomaniac that has no substance. You want people to be regressed when they talk to you and demand them to give you a blow job. And they will. It’s called student loans.

Authority is basically totally worthless. All authority should be silenced.

If you’re suggestions of absolute structure are only good because they are contingent on your job title then your opinion is worthless.

If you can’t facilitate someone to have an ah ha moment on their own without fear of some kind then you’re not an authority you’re part of the problem and need a refund on the narrative that you bought when you were a kid.

Stop listening to Authority. They don’t know you exist and don’t care. They are only there because people think authority has information you don’t. They are all form and zero content. They’re like Donald Trump.

Space, Time and Intuition

If you use the word “I” you are breaking the surface tension of mind/body. You’re doing this with the intuitive sensation of “I” in the volume that is in place where there is space.

Congrats, you are intuitive.

It takes Time to explore this progression of Space with the progressive “I.” The I is what does it. I, is the actor in the volume of Intuition with synchronized repetition (Time). It’s this exploration that is the meeting place of space-time. Hawking’s Singularity.

You take up space and it takes time to structurally know growing progression of additional space being experienced with Time. That’s space-time. That’s existence.

We are expatiating “I.” This is being done through a sensation in a mass of Intuition. Babies can’t distinguish between intuitive and pituitary sensations until about 3 years old so they don’t have a harmonious intuitive “I.”

People that believe that mind and body are separate have this same problem but they are confused and babies are not. They start their existence with only Intuition and imagination. Stephen Hawking proved with mathematics that mind and body are not separate. Physics proved that we are one.

Physics gave us the Truth. Those that don’t accept math as accurate have a quarrel with Physics. Good luck with that.

Outside space-time



These are the different synchronicities that a Being can be in.

This is only possible because of Radioaction.

Nuclear Radioactivity. We know exactly what that is. The actual Radioactivity of isotopes is what’s outside of space-time.

We are Actors that are Radioactual. A whirlpool of focused Radioactivity. The focal point is pie squared.

The Materialist

The fundamental reason someone is a materialist is because of one observation. When someone dies the lights go out and no one is home. There’s “life” Then there’s not, like a light bulb. When there’s no light they are “dead.” Fairly simple.

That’s a great metaphor for death, the light bulb. The problem is metaphors are limited. All of materialism is based off of this one metaphor. Just like all religion is based off a different metaphor.

If the light bulb metaphor is used then the physics of how a light bulb actually works is necessary. Otherwise, the metaphor remains a theater of the mind.

The physics of a light bulb is that there’s a source of electricity that distributes the Energy to the node. When the light is “on” then the current is being supplied to the coil. When the light is “off” or “nobody is home” then the electricity current is being distributed somewhere else.

If you just use physics you can answer the question of “life” after “death” very easily and avoid life wasting metaphors that are actually incoherent.

Using physics, when you die you’re just somewhere else lighting up a different coil of interest.

Cheers to you.