Outside of imagination

Can you imagine somewhere you can’t imagine?

No. Because the moment you think of that place that’s “outside” is now “in” Instantaneously. All places are in your imagination. All places are imaginary.

If you imagine the outside of your head, the outside of your head is now in your imagination. If your imagination was only in your head before then now the outside of your head is in your head.

Everything is imagination. Everything you look at and touch and feel. Why? Because you can’t imagine a place that’s not in your imagination.

Can you imagine a feeling?! No you cannot!

That’s why we’re here! To feel what we imagined! To know!

You don’t know until “it is” what you imagined. Until you felt it experientially. You don’t know if the concert is what you imagined until you were AT the concert.

You can’t go outside of imagination but you CAN go outside of feeling. If you can outside of feeling then you can choose which ones you want to collect.

Emotions are the ground to our imagination and memory. If all those 3 things are in play the imagination is “manifest.”

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