Emotions are the invisible electric haptic feedback from the environment delivered by the pituitary gland.

Like sunlight is to growing flowers, Emotion is to personal growth.

The more positive emotion that one receives the more they will grow.

Balance of “negativity” or “realism” is not necessary. The person will organically and automatically filter out the excess positivity like flowers reflect sunlight.

We only know flowers exist because they reflect the sunlight back at us that they are not using to unfold their bio pattern. We are seeing the exhaust of flowers.

What flowers are not using to grow we are using to see them. If flowers used all the sunlight/positivity to unfold then there would be no light by which to view them; flowers wouldn’t exist.

The more positivity the person is inundated with the more they will have to remember and reflect upon as identity and also reflect back to the surroundings. Which circulates even more positivity because they added to and sublimated it into the whole for all to use as a growth mechanism.

Just like the excess light of a flower is used to see the flower the excess positivity that the person is reflecting back will be used to see the unfolded beauty of the person. The beauty of the person is found in the reflection of your positive imagination with regards to that person and the surroundings. The reflection of the excess love that you emotionally contributed is what you’re enjoying.

You’re enjoying yourself. You are loving yourself via the excess love that reflects off people that you contributed in that moment.

So one positive imagination affects each individual as well as the whole.

That’s how you change the world from where you stand.

By simply choosing to fixate on what excites you in your positive imagination.

That, is changing the world. One small choice.

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