The Perception Model

Perception (P = pieR^2) is the needle point fingerprint of your imagination.

That is the equation for the single most valuable and necessary commodity that IS in All of Existence: known and unknown, physical and non physical)

Whatever you think about has this equation on it that directly links to you uniquely.

This equation relies solely on evolution of persons into 3.14 (pie)…………… Different Perceptives.

PIE doesn’t repeat. That’s how many different ways there are to experience the same environment.

Existence relies on evolution as a means to deliver these various perceptions. Evolution is like a prism where you shine one light (awareness) beam and out will flair umpteen different blades of Light.

Why is Existence doing this? Since we exist, why are We doing this?

It’s a discovery of self structure. We want to know what the structure is to all this endless electric meaning all over the place.

We are building this structure of self through experience instead of probability forecasts. You know if the concert is good by BEING there. Not by probability forecasts of all that artists concerts over the last 3 years etc….

So the Perception model of gathering Knowledge is an extremely fun and creative way to undergo this curiosity.

We are doing this together. Every living thing.

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