The Law

Some Guy – But, your honor, I thought the red light was just a suggestion.

Judge – well it’s not, it’s the law.

Guy – if it’s law then how was I able to break it so easily?

Judge – what.

Guy – As you know, sir, something that is absolute law is impervious to counter suggestions. Your word is final and I obviously respect absolute Truth. I suggested that this law unobserved was just a suggestion by slamming through it violently with my FORD TRUCK. And it’s only because of my discovery that this law was a suggestion that I’m here now talking with you. You’re more like the wizard that sits behind a curtain in Oz. Hi, I’m Dorothy, and your suggestions to manipulate my life into total devotion are just absolute suggestions in reality and have run their course. You’re dismissed, your honor.

Judge – I see, so just pay the fine then?

Guy – Yeah, that’s cool.

Gavel falls.

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