Origins of Infinity

Where did this notion of infinity come from? We don’t think about it that much and pretty much take it for granted that infinity is a thing. Well is it a thing, or a state or a place?

What is it? What is infinity?

This question is pretty important. It’s the most fundamental one, I would say. Does one need to “believe” in infinity? Or is infinity being what it is have any relationship with beliefs and opinions? Is infinity impervious to suggestions? If there is no thing that can be done to stop infinity from being whatever it is then it is fundamental to the nature of existence.

Infinity is necessary. It’s NOT a suggestion. You can’t see or experience it but it is NATURAL.

Since that’s the case there can be NO state, place, being, no “thing” or observation that is finite.

All finite things must be INSIDE infinity or infinity is not infinite. You can’t be outside of infinity. Or infinite is no longer absolute and it’s unnecessary.

If a “finite” thing is “in” infinity then it by association is also infinite.

All existence is Infinite. All people, places and things in Existence are infinite.

Everything exists.

You and everything about you is infinite. There is no other option. Otherwise, it would also be infinite. Existence is unceasing. It is BEING. Being Is Infinite.

We are Being Human.

With that said, is Infinity Natural Law? Establishment science for over 1,000 years has not changed and seems to think so. See below.


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