Structure is absolute

Structure is absolute. Moreover, whoever delivers the structure is totally irrelevant.

Structure in meaning is all that matters. Whichever person by which this structure comes through is pointless and irrelevant.

If the structure is sound then that’s it!

Authority wants desperately for you to believe that the messenger, the scientist/clergy, is absolute. That’s 100% false. It has never been true and it will never be true.

The next time someone says “believe me because I’m this guy” They are trying to convert you into a religion or some mechanism of control.

If their structure is mathematically sound then that’s okay. The nature of existence does not give a shit about brand name authority figures. Existence eats those fools for lunch.

Find the structure and you’ll find the meaning. You don’t need someone with a name tag to tell you how to think. You both exist equally. Though they don’t want you to know that. If you stopped relying on the guy with a name tag then you’re free. Freedom. It’s so close.

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