Your life as a solar system

There’s You (the sun) in the middle of your Life. We are in each others lives but You are the center of Your Life.

Then as the model goes there’s planets of responsibility that are in your orbit. You got some clump of responsibility that’s very firey and hot close to you. That’s Mercury. Then on outward until you get to Earth. Aaahhh, Earth. That’s where You in your Solar system (Value System), is most comfortable and at ease. That’s your comfort zone. That’s where ideas and life THRIVES! Or your imagination.

Earth is so perfectly orbiting you that you can do as the Greeks called “Theater of the Mind ” or “Theoria.” Which is where the word Theory comes from.

In this place of comfort and thriving, theories can be played out to see if those theories have any merit. The pros and cons can be weighed and measured, it’s perfect. That’s Earth. Even in the Earth state of mind there’s a inner monologue (the moon) that’s there to comment and suggest.

The next planet out is another value ball, let’s say, work. All ideas and suggestions that are gained along the way at these other planets or value clumps are then worked out on Earth, the safe zone.

When you are no longer excited to be alive (creating sunlight just by being) you will then go somewhere else and create excitement there. Or the sun will collapse into a black hole and your valuable system will be revisited.

Your value system is a painting of what you are. That painting is the orbiting planets that came from You.

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