Light and thought

X ray radiation.

Rather huge ah ha moment just now. Wow. Breath… Breath. Okay.

I was for a long time trying to figure out where thought and light syncopated. The answer is the X ray frequency, folks. Pretty remarkable actually.

Everywhere you look you are using X ray light from the Sun to manifest your perception. X ray radiation’s maximum amplitude is, .01 -10nm. Well, the band of human thought is 1 – 100hz. The frequencies syncopate in electromagnetic spectrum as a shared domain.

This is why when there’s no light source you can’t see and have to go from memory where everything is. Every light source has X ray radiation in it.

So! The next time you go to the dentist, BEFORE they X ray your mouth you need to MAKE SURE that the doctor KNOWS that your teeth are perfect and immaculate. Even if they are not. The dentist will look with the X ray radiation machine and *see* whatever you tell them to expect. Their expectation is what will manifest before you. OR, the alternative is THEY do the exact thing to you. But they are LOOKING for cavities.

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