The Materialist

The fundamental reason someone is a materialist is because of one observation. When someone dies the lights go out and no one is home. There’s “life” Then there’s not, like a light bulb. When there’s no light they are “dead.” Fairly simple.

That’s a great metaphor for death, the light bulb. The problem is metaphors are limited. All of materialism is based off of this one metaphor. Just like all religion is based off a different metaphor.

If the light bulb metaphor is used then the physics of how a light bulb actually works is necessary. Otherwise, the metaphor remains a theater of the mind.

The physics of a light bulb is that there’s a source of electricity that distributes the Energy to the node. When the light is “on” then the current is being supplied to the coil. When the light is “off” or “nobody is home” then the electricity current is being distributed somewhere else.

If you just use physics you can answer the question of “life” after “death” very easily and avoid life wasting metaphors that are actually incoherent.

Using physics, when you die you’re just somewhere else lighting up a different coil of interest.

Cheers to you.


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