New plasma discoveries suggest that the solar system is stationary, covered in plasma, that is in an electrical current.

This would mean outer space is more like a river that’s moving through us at 70,000 km/hr and the Earth is spinning in this field being protected by a giant ball of plasma that is ignited by the electricity river, the Sun.

This model suggests that the sun is not burning but attracting radiation and fusing it into energy, light.

This would mean our solar system is held in place magnetically by field of plasma being then fused and completed by a deluge of Radioactive electricity. It’s like photosynthesis in space for planets and living things.

Plasma is positively charged and electricity is negatively charged. Protons and electrons slamming into each other and making things. Making Space with harmonious electricity. Or, amplitude and frequency coming together. Or, making space-time.

Making what you see before you.

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