The Universal Structure


The isosceles triangle is the universal structure of the nature of existence. We are putting experience into Space with emotion. That’s X. We’re “expatiating I.” The whole triangle is “I.”

The “I” is you. Everything you see is a result of the roll out of The Intuitive process of succession (reality) and the what you remember that process to be. The end result is Sensation from the Environment that means something. This Meaning could be, Love, or a Hot stove or any number of Sensations that need a space and a place to harmonize.

This Harmony is X. The only way to collect them is through defined total use of your mind (Intuition/pineal gland) and body (thought/emotion/pituitary gland)

The more excited your memory is the more excited thought and Intuition is the more exciting X is as a qualitative by product.

Inhale as deep as you can, when at the apex think, “I’m excited” Then exhale. You will immediately become more excited.

You can play with the formula above to monitor your thoughts that come in. This is the formula for Perspective. All thought comes from memory. Thinking is the static electric activity of all three sides of the Triangle.

What you see and feel each day is X. That’s your field of view.

One thought on “The Universal Structure

  1. Sound/memory would be interchangeable. Sight/Intuition on the other side.

    Every movie is always both Sight and Sound. There’s no X. The movie is trying to solve for eXperience.


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