It’s beautiful. This performance is great. One thing I noticed. This is a pretty good example of the idea of western thought that says you can take two different things and if you package them in the same space it can be forced to be one thing. The light and the body in this is this executed.

This is the the misnomer of manufactured products. Since the two ingredients of light and body aren’t organic in this it’s a manufacturing of two things that are trying to be one but can’t make the union. The song communicates the same message of desire for unity but can’t do it.

The reason is because the West thinks we can just cram everything to a bag regardless of ingredients and then force it into a market with slick advertising.

The organic alternative is to involve all the ingredients in the discovery process fueled by curiosity. Unfolding of Existence is the end product as it came together through InSight and creative vision.

Instead of forced packaged goods with disclaimers and haphazard construction.

Start with your natural harmony then find the procedure with exploration of the Excitement of what fascinates you. Not the other way around.

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