Side-Effects of Knowledge

Absolute zero is unattainable because that’s where the knowledge is.

We are experiencing the side-effects of knowledge.

For example, the side effects of knowing how to dance is dancing wherever there’s atmosphere. The centripetal forces when visited, combined with all the active activities that exist in any given place: wind, heat, biological forces plus the knowledge of dancing causes effects that can’t be experienced without the knowledge being actualized.

We are Harmony experiencing the procedure of Harmony.

The distance between knowledge of dancing and it’s side effects is an intuitive ratio of 1.618. These side-effects causes forces which then interact with each other also as a by product.

We are not meant to reach absolute zero, or, Hawking’s Singularity; we are meant to enjoy the excitement of these harmonies that flow from the epicenter of your knowledge base.

The more knowledge you revisit (learn) the more side-effects of experiencing that knowledge you have.

A black hole is the epicenter of knowledge and we are circling around it in “side effect land” of procedure.

Our galaxy is the side effect of a black hole. Stuff only goes into a black hole when a desired side effect is an exciting construction to the knowledge base.

So the exercise gets more complicated when the knowledge of dancing is combined with other knowns, like costume making, or sex. These are three knowns that have side effects when all used together. Some of those side effects result in sexy dancers in costume. Moreover, since it’s the dancers that have the knowledge, it’s them that are experiencing the side effects first hand. Whereas the audience has to live vicariously through the experiencers. So there’s another step delay. It’s a wave of side effects. The dancers get the first wave and others watching get second and third waves of side effects of their knowledge.

Enjoy yourself means enjoy the exciting side effects of your knowledge. If more harmonious experience is what you want then discovering procedure to the next thing that’s producing interesting side effects is what you want to do. Or you can stay with what you know now and remain in the side effects of that knowledge for as long as you want. Freedom to stay and freedom to move.

Whatever it is, you will always be experiencing the by product of knowledge.

Cheers to you.

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