The most significant span of time in history

This span of 12 years is one of the most significant in history.  1933 – 1945

We learned 2 very valuable lessons as humanity during this time.

We learned the smallest measurable cube of space-time. Max Planck figured this out. The smallest piece of space. Whenever you ask, “what’s the smallest unit of what I SEE?” the answer is Planck scale.

The second lesson we learned is that no matter how much you HATE a particular form and try to completely destroy it, THAT, will never happen. Because WE ARE NOT FORM.

Trying to erase a form WILL NOT ever stop the content from progressing. Content progresses with infinite magnitude and NOTHING can stop it.

You CANNOT stop or overcome ANY opposing forces. You MUST find excited Harmony and progress from there together.

The WEST has still yet to learn this lesson.

Hitler and Stalin figured this out. The hard way.

1933 – 1945 is the most significant era in history because it’s the time we learned finally that we as humanity are fundamentally content and NOT form. Content soldiers Onward regardless of platonic form.

That’s a big deal. Huge lesson for humanity.

That Era was the definitive practiced, experienced, scientifically sound end of racism. Racism is obsession with Form instead of infinite content.

Hitler and Stalin went down that path for you.

We are Content. The name changes but the content KEEPS GOING. Existence will always win. Content will always win.

We will always win.

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