The Mechanics of Introspection

I don’t want total knowledge. I want to experience the side effects of knowledge that I don’t know yet so I can follow the new procedure until I have a harmony lock on it, which creates intuitive rapport with the new procedure, which then fills in the substance blanks of the new knowledge desired as a by product. That’s how we learned how to ride a bike; via the side effects of the knowledge not known yet. The side effects of knowledge always presents itself before the knowledge.

Building further, the new ground created, during expatiation, will be a host of new side effects that is being produced by more knowledge that was not accessible before. The next step is to experience the new procedures that filled in the substance that happened during expatiation. That’s making new ground.

The new ground is new space that has new procedure, which is a side effect of knowledge somewhere. The new procedure that makes up the new ground from expatiation is the side effect of more knowledge that is actively producing it.

The mechanics of introspection.

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