Intuitive Harmony


We are Harmony looking to experience the by product of the structure of Harmony.

It is by Intuition that you see a complete bridge in this photo. The context suggests there is a complete bridge so we intuitively fill in the blanks.

The parallel lines that stretch into the distance of the bridge are harmonious. That’s what we are, complete Harmony. That’s why we build it immediately in our imaginations. It’s a code that unlocks information about who and what was there before you got there. That’s all Intuition. This is actually a very complex message that only Intuition can unlock. All the important information is deemed as obvious common knowledge.

What we don’t know is what it feels like to unfold WITH
procedure to make this harmony the way it is. Cue Space-time.

We Feel this unfolding lock step with the environment Intuitively every where we go as we build and fill in incomplete “bridges” all day long. That’s all automatic and intuitive.

Existence is vastly and variously an unfolding of the Intuition of this Harmony happening at a fixed rate.

It’s a triad exchange of Intuition, experience and the memory of what is being perceived. We get to know ourselves by discovery of the most exciting structure/procedure that we can imagine that supports our obvious common knowledge Harmony.



Relevant Evolution is Revolution.

If you made progress today as the day progressed on your behalf then you made a Relevant contribution to the Evolution of humanity.

You’re participating in the Revolution.

When the Revolution burst through the oppression, the camera’s go wild and the sounds go blazing, you can handshake the wave of the Relevant New as one of your own.

A stream of daily accomplishments and positively fused moments from all the occupants swells in the space.

The volume of the space goes up in positivity, then positively harmonizes with more positivity causing the space to increase in mass. The mass of the space occupied is restricted by the mass of the opposite charge in the same space. The greater mass overcomes the other and progression happens – REVOLUTION Happens!

Just by being positive.


Dilemma for the Christian.

My question is about the nature of heaven. If I’m correct in my doctrine, heaven is paradise where one can have anything you want. Is that correct? ANYTHING, is where we get into trouble. This notion of freedom is hardwired into heaven. Right?

So here’s the dilemma.

If one is TRULY FREE, then they can do anything anytime whenever with ZERO down side. Just bliss and love forever and ever Amen.

If that’s the eternal case that cannot change then people in heaven should be able to go to hell and just grab people, whoever, and bring them to heaven with no problems.

The Christian doctrine says that’s categorically not allowed.

My question to the practicing Christian. Will you use your implicit freedom to go temporarily to hell and get the people you LOVE AGAINST the will of God?

If you CAN’T go get people then you are not free. If you are not free to go to hell from heaven and get ALL the people that are being tortured then you are not actually totally free. You never will be with hell still there.

Heaven is actually a place where you get to stew in the notion for all eternity that people you LOVE are being viscerally destroyed every 4 seconds and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Why would anyone devote their lives to being in such a place of eternal internal torment. Knowing that family and friends are being heinously gas chambered like the Holocaust then eaten alive by crows.

I wouldn’t be able to tolerate the mental duress. I love people too much to sit idle while they are being destroyed forever. This heaven place is not free if I don’t have the freedom to rescue terrible asshole people from the lake of fire.

No thanks to heaven, sounds like diet hell.

Side-Effects of Knowledge

Absolute zero is unattainable because that’s where the knowledge is.

We are experiencing the side-effects of knowledge.

For example, the side effects of knowing how to dance is dancing wherever there’s atmosphere. The centripetal forces when visited, combined with all the active activities that exist in any given place: wind, heat, biological forces plus the knowledge of dancing causes effects that can’t be experienced without the knowledge being actualized.

We are Harmony experiencing the procedure of Harmony.

The distance between knowledge of dancing and it’s side effects is an intuitive ratio of 1.618. These side-effects causes forces which then interact with each other also as a by product.

We are not meant to reach absolute zero, or, Hawking’s Singularity; we are meant to enjoy the excitement of these harmonies that flow from the epicenter of your knowledge base.

The more knowledge you revisit (learn) the more side-effects of experiencing that knowledge you have.

A black hole is the epicenter of knowledge and we are circling around it in “side effect land” of procedure.

Our galaxy is the side effect of a black hole. Stuff only goes into a black hole when a desired side effect is an exciting construction to the knowledge base.

So the exercise gets more complicated when the knowledge of dancing is combined with other knowns, like costume making, or sex. These are three knowns that have side effects when all used together. Some of those side effects result in sexy dancers in costume. Moreover, since it’s the dancers that have the knowledge, it’s them that are experiencing the side effects first hand. Whereas the audience has to live vicariously through the experiencers. So there’s another step delay. It’s a wave of side effects. The dancers get the first wave and others watching get second and third waves of side effects of their knowledge.

Enjoy yourself means enjoy the exciting side effects of your knowledge. If more harmonious experience is what you want then discovering procedure to the next thing that’s producing interesting side effects is what you want to do. Or you can stay with what you know now and remain in the side effects of that knowledge for as long as you want. Freedom to stay and freedom to move.

Whatever it is, you will always be experiencing the by product of knowledge.

Cheers to you.

Jack and Jerry

In a car.

Jerry. I have dilemma.

Jack. Shoot.

Jerry. I’ve amassed a fair amount knowledge on how to ride a bike.

Jack. of course you have.

Jerry. What I’m trying to figure out is the duration needed to automate my knowledge.

Jack puts down what he was doing.

Jack. Okay, I’ll bite. You mean how long it takes to learn how to ride a bike?

Jerry. I already know how from my degree in physics. Planck scale is the smallest measurable Cube of Space-Time.

Jack. Do I need to be napping for this?

Jerry. So… What I do is, I, infuse my knowledge into those cubes repeatedly for a certain duration of these units, aka Time. What’s the duration needed? How many Times do I repeat the infusion? That’s my dilemma.

Jack. First, you’re crazy. Second, you just feel it.

Jerry. What do you mean?

Jack. You just keep “infusing” or applying your knowledge until you feel it.

Jerry. What if the repercussions of this are violent?

Jack. If you slam your face into the pavement you just get up and keep going.

Jerry. How long do I maintain the automation.

Jack. You don’t stop. Even if the doctor is telling you right to your face, “Jerry, stop using your face as a break pad to slow your body down.”

Jerry. I probably won’t use my face

Jack. Even if they send helicopters to hover above you and scream, “Stop using your Face to slow your body down.”

Jerry. What’s the duration, Jack!

Jack calms himself.

Jack. The duration finds you, dude.

Jerry. But, what if I’m a moron? Will duration ever find me?

Jack. You’re not a moron, you’re an idiot, there’a difference.

Jerry. Let’s say I’m a moron.

Jack. Let’s say I don’t pretend. “if” you’re a moron then duration takes it’s sweet time. But, ya know, what if really that Moron is just interested in “salad” instead of “bikes” and duration takes longer for people that don’t give a shit.

Jerry. I give a shit!

Jack. We know. Watch your language.

Jerry. So, are you going to arrest me or am I just going to sit here in your police car?

Jack. Am I the bike?

Jerry. Freedom is the bike, Jack.

Jack. Procedure is the experience of riding the bike.

Jerry. Now can I go?

Jack. I see… Do you feel it?

Jerry. Duration?

Jack. You feel you got it?

Jerry. I Am it.

Jack. You exist.

Jerry. Not in your car I don’t.

Jack. You’re right. Get out.

Jerry. Thanks. Say hi to mom.


It’s beautiful. This performance is great. One thing I noticed. This is a pretty good example of the idea of western thought that says you can take two different things and if you package them in the same space it can be forced to be one thing. The light and the body in this is this executed.

This is the the misnomer of manufactured products. Since the two ingredients of light and body aren’t organic in this it’s a manufacturing of two things that are trying to be one but can’t make the union. The song communicates the same message of desire for unity but can’t do it.

The reason is because the West thinks we can just cram everything to a bag regardless of ingredients and then force it into a market with slick advertising.

The organic alternative is to involve all the ingredients in the discovery process fueled by curiosity. Unfolding of Existence is the end product as it came together through InSight and creative vision.

Instead of forced packaged goods with disclaimers and haphazard construction.

Start with your natural harmony then find the procedure with exploration of the Excitement of what fascinates you. Not the other way around.


The purpose of dating is to establish a cadence to the space participants are mutually expatiating. The space is the organic unfolding of the “together” state that is mutually being designed for purposeless refuge. A co-authored mosaic.

Dating is the cadence by which Harmony finds procedure in the expatiation of that space.

What you are

You are The Electricity that Is. Or, Nuclear Radioaction. Outside Procedure Land, aka, space-time, all that exists is Harmony. Harmony doesn’t take up space when there’s no corresponding procedure. It’s just rate of amperes flow. When an electricity Volt stops with this coil (a person dies) it discords with procedure and exists only as harmony. Procedure Land is marriage of harmonious procedure. That’s, expatiation. We are expatiating in cadence with other volts.

Expatiation is infusion of space with excitement. That positive excitement is immediately found by like positive charges. That’s “growth”

Expatiation is expansion through excitement. It’s the same procedure as photosynthesis. Creating – LifeSynthesis through eXperience.

LifeSynthesis is solving for X.

Healed my hairstylist today

Just healed my hairstylist ear. About a year ago I healed her neck so she asked me to pray for her ear after the haircut. I did and her ear was healed.

I used light Christian language last time so I just continued the narrative she was comfortable with.

If you want to show someone the truth let kindness be the light by which they can find your door and ask.