The Weight Of Thought. 

How much does the Energy of Thought weight? 

It’s lighter than the Energy of Emotion.

The Energy of Thought has no mass whereas the Energy of emotion does have mass. Emotion requires a procedure of the body to collect it with Feeling. The emotions cultivated via Feeling are heavier because the body is heavier. Heat rises and cool sinks. So, thoughts go up emotions go down. This is the behavior of a convection oven. Which is what our solar plexus is doing at all times. 

ALPHA WAVE energy travels ⚡ in and out of the solar plexus as well as the Energy carrying the mass of Emotions. The weight of the Thought is the combination of the two. 

Our Sun doesn’t have a physical human body (obviously) so it is relying on all of creation to handle the massive emotions. Meanwhile, Alpha waves move at the speed of light marrying the two in one Thought. We call something “REAL” when there’s an explicate marriage of Thought and Emotion into physical energy. Which is: The Light in a Prism for a duration. The cross product convection of COLOR is the “real.”

This would make humans co-conductors of COLOR that is both hot and cold. Alpha waves hot, (Yellow) and the spectrum of, with and through – Blue cold. Earth is a prism.

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