I’m just Some Guy that’s passionately curious about what the fuck is going on here.

It turns out, just my luck, that it’s AWESOME BEYOND MY IMAGINATION.

I arrived at all of my baseline premises with and through hard measurable and quantifiable Science that can be repeated by ANYONE on demand.

David Bohm is the only scientist that successfully was able to pierce the iron wall of bullshit with immaculate structure and creative insight.  David Bohm is a legend and one of my heroes. I can’t say enough about Bohm.

I also recommend, for those interested, Bentinho Massaro. He helped connect the dots that I was unable to do myself.  I use Bohm as my foundation and intellectual ground.  If I’m uncertain about something and my imagination is cluttered with my own BS memories, I go to David Bohm.  He is the intellectual rock of this or any generation.

Do what excites you.  Don’t look back. That’s it!

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