Self Enfoldment


This is the mechanism to having a better life.

Most people are are taught they need to Enfold others, get them to like you somehow, so they will do what you want, and become a utility of value to be used as desired. This is the incorrect way to use Enfoldment.

When you Enfold yourself with Emotions these emotions behave like Musical Notes in a Song. A Song is an Enfolded Order Of Being.

When you Enfold yourself with Emotional Notions they enter your 2nd Nature and produce Harmony with other people’s Emotion Life Songs. So you are then guided to the timbre of your Enfolded Being to Sing Duets etc.

Now, what do you want your Enfolded Being to Be? I AM PEACE, my soul is Proton And Neutron charges so my Enfolded Being Is True Diamond Peace. This is where life on Earth Unfolds from.

Enfold Yourself With Peace And Get LIFE.

The reason “I AM” is so powerful is because all self-aware beings use these words. By very low numbers there are 7 billion people using I AM to refer to themselves. That’s just if there’s no life anywhere but Earth. If there’s life elsewhere, they use I AM also.

If you use I AM and they use I AM then you are both Enfolded in I AM.

That’s why The I AM is “Great.” The Great I AM is Great because of Enfoldment.


Peace Is The Truth.