If you want to become an Authority in something that’s the same as the guy with the giant monster truck with the loud stereo blasting Vanilla Ice with no muffler. You’re compensating for something and need to be tolerated while you’re in the general area.

If you aspire to be an authority in something you basically are an insecure megalomaniac that has no substance. You want people to be regressed when they talk to you and demand them to give you a blow job. And they will. It’s called student loans.

Authority is basically totally worthless. All authority should be silenced.

If you’re suggestions of absolute structure are only good because they are contingent on your job title then your opinion is worthless.

If you can’t facilitate someone to have an ah ha moment on their own without fear of some kind then you’re not an authority you’re part of the problem and need a refund on the narrative that you bought when you were a kid.

Stop listening to Authority. They don’t know you exist and don’t care. They are only there because people think authority has information you don’t. They are all form and zero content. They’re like Donald Trump.