Dilemma for the Christian.

My question is about the nature of heaven. If I’m correct in my doctrine, heaven is paradise where one can have anything you want. Is that correct? ANYTHING, is where we get into trouble. This notion of freedom is hardwired into heaven. Right?

So here’s the dilemma.

If one is TRULY FREE, then they can do anything anytime whenever with ZERO down side. Just bliss and love forever and ever Amen.

If that’s the eternal case that cannot change then people in heaven should be able to go to hell and just grab people, whoever, and bring them to heaven with no problems.

The Christian doctrine says that’s categorically not allowed.

My question to the practicing Christian. Will you use your implicit freedom to go temporarily to hell and get the people you LOVE AGAINST the will of God?

If you CAN’T go get people then you are not free. If you are not free to go to hell from heaven and get ALL the people that are being tortured then you are not actually totally free. You never will be with hell still there.

Heaven is actually a place where you get to stew in the notion for all eternity that people you LOVE are being viscerally destroyed every 4 seconds and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Why would anyone devote their lives to being in such a place of eternal internal torment. Knowing that family and friends are being heinously gas chambered like the Holocaust then eaten alive by crows.

I wouldn’t be able to tolerate the mental duress. I love people too much to sit idle while they are being destroyed forever. This heaven place is not free if I don’t have the freedom to rescue terrible asshole people from the lake of fire.

No thanks to heaven, sounds like diet hell.

Yeshua and Christianity

Figured out that Yeshua was a cultural imagining of the return of David.

The name Yeshua is a sort of mystical activity of the name David. Which, David predicted he would come back as this mighty powerful warrior that can kill thousands of Goliaths with one thought.

So almost all the people from his house were naming their kid Yeshua because they thought David was going to reincarnate as this cultural concoction of hope through this name. That’s why that name was so common among descendants of King Solomon’s hero, Goliath conquering, David.

An expectation of a mystical Incarnation of King David that was going to conquer the foes and restore the Kingdom of Israel was now a cultural progression.

That’s where Yeshua savor came from. This re-incarnation never happened but there were many that used that name has a vehicle of power. It was powerful because of the cultural love and adoration of King David and his majestic memories among the people.

This pending return to Mystical King David/Yeshua gave people Hope. They soon found that just by saying the name of Mystic David (Yeshua) they would be able to tap into the power of King David’s mythical giant slayer strength that was now radioactive with power. (Pentecost)

This gave rise to groups of people doing acts of power “in the name of Yeshua.” Since anyone could use this name of Mystic David it became a power for the people. All you had to know was this one Name. That was simple enough for the least educated person to understand.

This is the kernel of how Christianity took root and overthrew Rome. From the ground up. This movement, because of the simplicity and grassroots of it, took off like wildfire. This collective new use of Intent to Love freely with only 1 thing to remember, saved people from personal regression.

This mystical David movement grew too much to remain confined to the house of David. Because all that was needed was the one name, truly anyone could be part of this power that was not totally understood. It became so widespread, this Yeshua power, that random people were using it. So they had to figure out a way to know who really loved people and who was just using the power for show. So the notion of, “accept Yeshua into your heart,” and then you were one of the good people with good intentions to use it.

All they knew was it worked when Love was present. This went on until it was institutionalized by Rome. Then people didn’t like Rome but this magic David name kept working.

So people found freedom in this power wherever they went. Paul, being the traveling showman went around showing everyone what he could do now that the Mystical power of King David was at his fingertips. Paul wanted to conquer the world with it. He heard of King David but didn’t care. He cared about the power.

That’s how Christianity came to be.