Education in the West is akin to memorizing puzzle pieces that don’t make sense by a fixed deadline. The chunks of information float in memory are disconnected because that’s what knowledge is said to be; An aggregation of information that’s available upon demand separated by their unknown order of puzzling.

With no experiential ordering, (without personally figuring out the puzzle in real time) the chunks are perceived as disconnected so their behavior snaps to that of a symbol. The disconnection also requires management by the symbol manufactures to avoid collusion of symbols (chaos). That would make the manufactures look terrible and should they be found out they will lose all their business.

So, these symbols are then moved about in the memory referenced by thought by the manufactures of these symbols on an daily basis as participants are capable of interacting with the world. They’re alive.

Since the symbols are owned and operated by the manufactures of the symbols they are moved, altered and changed in the mind of the participant at the will of the manufactures.

This is the ground of education in the Western World.

Or, you can start with what makes you curious and follow the trail of excitement wherever that may lead. That’s figuring out the puzzle yourself with a glass of wine in your hand with your best friends over.

The Process of Joy.

The Curious Mind

The purpose of knowledge is to follow the Implicit procedure into the experience of the side-effects of new knowledge. To then automate the new knowledge until there’s an intuitive Harmony lock on it, which leads to more and more exciting subtle side effects of more procedure points that were previously not accessible. This is organic growing through education of a curious mind.

Knowledge is Not to then be turned around and used to sell as a product, information for a profit, which automatically reinforces the need to increase the distance, the necessary chasm, between access points.

The for profit structure of education is the chasm in the trust of authority to provide information in good faith.

Absolute structure doesn’t need someone specials opinion. Existence is a procedure regardless of perspective. 

A curious person will find it.