God and Empiricism

The human problem is Intention vs Attention.  Or Intuition vs Empiricism. Or Ying & Yang, Light vs Dark, Good vs Evil.

The problem is that humans are Empiricists. That is the fundamental problem with the world.  We are not really Empiricists though.  We are Intuitives that devolved into Empiricists. Empiricism is anything you see, touch, or smell. Touch and feel are different.  Feeling has a double meaning.  Empirical feeling is tactile touch whereas intuitive feeling is resonance.  It can be confusing when people talk about the two interchangeably.

Emotion can be confused as a Intuitive feeling as well. Emotion is any information delivered through the pituitary gland. Whereas Intuitive Feeling is more of “whole knowing” that comes in images and instant convictions of syncopated information from unknown sources.

Before we devolved we functioned solely and 100% with intuition.  This was the “Adam & Eve” state of being, if you will.

Then somewhere along the way we entered into a great confusion. We slowly confused Empiricism with Intuition. The two swapped places of priority (sin enters the world with an “empirically shiny apple”).  This process took millions of years. We started to rely on what we “saw” instead of what we *Knew*.  We replaced “seeing” with now a ” faux knowing/ reflector/ cardboard” and we also replaced *Certainty of plan* with “hope of a plan.”  Pretty big problem, yeah? Yeah.

Replacing yourself with a piece of cardboard and then insisting it’s absolute and fundamental.  Humanity has made this statement in this deep state of confusion. Forgive, forget and move on.

Intuition is fundamental.  It always has been and always will be.

When we’re trying to get someone’s attention we move something in the air to get them to “look” at us. Or, if in a relationship and you want their attention you do something so they will “look” at you.  That would be Empirical coherence.  You want to look at each other.  You want them to “Pay attention.”  This is what we devolved into.

What we really want, and what’s actual, is for our Intentions to cohere/sync/resonate with each other.  We want our Beings to align and syncopate with the same frequency and amplitude. We want to have resonating Intentions, or Coherent Intent.  This is achieved intuitively. Since Intuition is all knowing you already know how to do it.  Since you already know you just remember what your preference is and syncopate your intuition with that.  Then that preference is what will unfold into Space-Time where you can “see” it empirically.  See how different they are? It’s like Night/Day, bad/good, devil/God etc…

The notion (or symbol) of God, among many things, is one of a being that is Whole and Intuitive.  When people say “you’re creator” or “you’re God,” what they’re saying is you’re fundamentally intuitive.  They’re saying everything is intuition in different forms.  Flowers unfold into a pattern intuitively after resonating with the Sun/water. Except Flowers don’t have eyes.

Our eyes are a gift. We get to see the results right away!  We GET to, after we intuitively unfold a pattern of growth, THEN get to *see* what we did.  We do this through the lens of our Perception matrix that excites us the most! Our eyes are meant to marvel at the unfolding of intent from meaning.  What we are looking at, at any given moment, is the past tense of what our intuition unfolded.

Intention vs Attention.

Intent is a more focused state of Intuition.  Intuition is free, open, flowing, checking things out, fears nothing, will entertain any option, boundless, knows everything, is always excited, is optimistic at all times, and everything you feel it is.  It’s You. The singularity. Hawking’s Equation for the singularity. Then Hawking radiation is the backdrop of what you are “seeing.”

Existence is an explicate outflow from the singularity to Hawking radiation. Your awareness view is the event horizon. Out of the 1.55mm blind spot of your eye is the perception tunnel that intuition coheres with empiricism.

We, humanity, have it backwards. We think empiricism informs intuition somehow. We are trying to go IN a black hole instead of just being a black hole. The physics for a black hole are identical to all living things. Stephen Hawking brought the missing linkage with the equation of the singularity.

You are this ball of Intuition that’s just floating around getting into trouble and making friends.  That’s you.  You want to know yourself? Let your intuition guide you to your next exciting thing; whether that be reading a good book, traveling or recasting beauty into a workplace that you used to think was terrible.

Intent unfolds from Meaning. Once the flower was been watered with Meaning it can have an intention to unfold into a pattern.  Photosynthesis is the conductor of Meaning for a flower.

Photosynthesis for humans is Emotion (pituitary gland/ Sunlight) synthesized with Thought (memory in brain tissue / Water).

Photosynthesis is the trigger that causes unfolding from imagination for both Humans and flowers alike.  The difference is flowers don’t have eyes to empirically see themselves.  Flowers are going by intuition that their pattern is in line with their initial intent. Or if they are “Good” or “Bad,” “Beautiful” or “Ugly.”

We can know the same way.  We already know the same way.  We know intuitively because that’s what we are; Intuitive.

If you want to know what percentage Intuitive you are in relation to Empiricist you can take the Myers Briggs test and that will give you a good general idea.  Below is a link to a free test online.  N and S in MBTI. The N is for iNtuitive and the S is for Empiricist. Everyone is some percentage of both.  It will tell you which is Dominate.  The greater the percentage the greater the dominance.

A lot of N types are confused because they live in a Empiricist world and feel lost. Well, you’re not lost.  You’re right at home among others that are confused as well. The S types identify primarily with Empiricism.  Now that you know where you are you can migrate to a place where you’re more intuitively secure.

People that are drawn to mysticism, spirituality, the after life, metaphysics etc. Those are all people that are trying to recover their intuitive ground.  Which is great!

Empiricism gets in the way though.  This is the trial.  Everything experienced in those realms is actually just you.  You’re experiencing the depths and vastness of your own intuition.  There is no special “thing” that’s going to unlock some other “thing.”

What’s going to happen is you are going to become Aware of more of your intuitive being.  It’s that Awareness that is building the structure of meaning for yourself. Defining who you are in the opening to Vastness.

This is what we’re all doing simultaneously.

Here’s the myers briggs personality assessment:


Have a great day 🙂

Peace * Bliss * Wealth


Emotions are the invisible electric haptic feedback from the environment delivered by the pituitary gland.

Like sunlight is to growing flowers, Emotion is to personal growth.

The more positive emotion that one receives the more they will grow.

Balance of “negativity” or “realism” is not necessary. The person will organically and automatically filter out the excess positivity like flowers reflect sunlight.

We only know flowers exist because they reflect the sunlight back at us that they are not using to unfold their bio pattern. We are seeing the exhaust of flowers.

What flowers are not using to grow we are using to see them. If flowers used all the sunlight/positivity to unfold then there would be no light by which to view them; flowers wouldn’t exist.

The more positivity the person is inundated with the more they will have to remember and reflect upon as identity and also reflect back to the surroundings. Which circulates even more positivity because they added to and sublimated it into the whole for all to use as a growth mechanism.

Just like the excess light of a flower is used to see the flower the excess positivity that the person is reflecting back will be used to see the unfolded beauty of the person. The beauty of the person is found in the reflection of your positive imagination with regards to that person and the surroundings. The reflection of the excess love that you emotionally contributed is what you’re enjoying.

You’re enjoying yourself. You are loving yourself via the excess love that reflects off people that you contributed in that moment.

So one positive imagination affects each individual as well as the whole.

That’s how you change the world from where you stand.

By simply choosing to fixate on what excites you in your positive imagination.

That, is changing the world. One small choice.