Music and The Nature of Existence

In music, notes start out as whole. A whole note is fundamental to music. From there the only possible, probable and necessary disposition is another whole note or half notes, quarter notes etc. Ohm’s Law. The structure is the same but the mass, volume and measure changes.

Music, Pascal’s Triangle and Nature are fundamentally about introspection and growth by these means. You learn by jam session. Nature is learning by jam session. Existence is a jam session. 

Music, math and nature are singing as they progress in mosaic repertory of emphatic explicate of itself; the quarter note in rhythm signature with the Sun and moon: Time.

You are whole necessarily because there exists something called a, “whole note.” This is tacit proof of our own whole existence. A whole note is position positive with variations of itself artistically displayed – Pi.

The nature of Music is the nature of existence.

Heart is Reality


The Heart is a snapshot of the nature of existence.

From the top down, it’s one side Imagination and the other Memory that’s swirling together to solve for the structure of Self, which is the Singularity, the literal and figurative point of the heart, where Imagination and Memory meet – V. The Eye of the Hurricane, where electricity lives in the excitement of experience and structure discovery.

The structure of Self is Love. Solve for X. What excites you? That’s the first place to start building.

Structure of Imagination is where we’re going and full immersion Experience is how we’re going to get there.