Intuitive Harmony


We are Harmony looking to experience the by product of the structure of Harmony.

It is by Intuition that you see a complete bridge in this photo. The context suggests there is a complete bridge so we intuitively fill in the blanks.

The parallel lines that stretch into the distance of the bridge are harmonious. That’s what we are, complete Harmony. That’s why we build it immediately in our imaginations. It’s a code that unlocks information about who and what was there before you got there. That’s all Intuition. This is actually a very complex message that only Intuition can unlock. All the important information is deemed as obvious common knowledge.

What we don’t know is what it feels like to unfold WITH
procedure to make this harmony the way it is. Cue Space-time.

We Feel this unfolding lock step with the environment Intuitively every where we go as we build and fill in incomplete “bridges” all day long. That’s all automatic and intuitive.

Existence is vastly and variously an unfolding of the Intuition of this Harmony happening at a fixed rate.

It’s a triad exchange of Intuition, experience and the memory of what is being perceived. We get to know ourselves by discovery of the most exciting structure/procedure that we can imagine that supports our obvious common knowledge Harmony.



Dilemma for the Christian.

My question is about the nature of heaven. If I’m correct in my doctrine, heaven is paradise where one can have anything you want. Is that correct? ANYTHING, is where we get into trouble. This notion of freedom is hardwired into heaven. Right?

So here’s the dilemma.

If one is TRULY FREE, then they can do anything anytime whenever with ZERO down side. Just bliss and love forever and ever Amen.

If that’s the eternal case that cannot change then people in heaven should be able to go to hell and just grab people, whoever, and bring them to heaven with no problems.

The Christian doctrine says that’s categorically not allowed.

My question to the practicing Christian. Will you use your implicit freedom to go temporarily to hell and get the people you LOVE AGAINST the will of God?

If you CAN’T go get people then you are not free. If you are not free to go to hell from heaven and get ALL the people that are being tortured then you are not actually totally free. You never will be with hell still there.

Heaven is actually a place where you get to stew in the notion for all eternity that people you LOVE are being viscerally destroyed every 4 seconds and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Why would anyone devote their lives to being in such a place of eternal internal torment. Knowing that family and friends are being heinously gas chambered like the Holocaust then eaten alive by crows.

I wouldn’t be able to tolerate the mental duress. I love people too much to sit idle while they are being destroyed forever. This heaven place is not free if I don’t have the freedom to rescue terrible asshole people from the lake of fire.

No thanks to heaven, sounds like diet hell.


The purpose of dating is to establish a cadence to the space participants are mutually expatiating. The space is the organic unfolding of the “together” state that is mutually being designed for purposeless refuge. A co-authored mosaic.

Dating is the cadence by which Harmony finds procedure in the expatiation of that space.

Positive Innovation

Every person occupies space. It’s the Experience of that space that is undefined. Most people are trying to escape the space they occupy. They are trying to subtract themselves from the volume of what’s universally equal. They spend all day working, planning and plowing, filling the volume of their space with the escape strategy of one day relaxing in the same space but on a beach or in paradise or something. This is done this with negative innovation.

Negative innovation is standing somewhere and thinking about things that they’ve been afraid of before and are afraid might happen again at some fixed rate. This is an innovation on the space occupied now charged with the excitement of the tension of fear and uncertain regression. They are negatively charging the space and they are trying to get out of it. That’s negativity squared.

Every attempt to leave this charged space ends in failure which compounds the negative charge unfolding negative insight. Negative charges then magnetically attract more like charges e. g. misery loves company. That’s negative innovation at its finest.

Or they can choose Positive Innovation. Positive innovation starts with the equal CHOICE of infusing the space occupied with the excitement of freedom, love, bliss, wholeness and the infinite – instead of the prior. 3 options; infusion, escape or a convex of both that is free to change in relation to context and new information discovered.

Once the choice of progression has been made the space occupied has a tacit meaning of beauty with endless possibilities. Standing somewhere and thinking about that is Positive Innovation of the space occupied. You are positively charging the space you are enthusiastic about.

Every moment of infusion compounds the Positive charge which unfolds into Positive InSight and then MORE equally charged space. One just added additional space to themselves instead of trying to subtract from the minimum. They just expanded and grew. They’re aware of more stuff with more space.

That’s Positive Innovation.

Since you can’t escape the space you occupy I’m suggesting positive innovation.

Cheers to you.