Your Life is A Song. The physics.

The Heisenberg uncertainty principle is that electrons don’t have a precise size. An electron is considered the most basic building block of physical matter. An Electron is a “thing” that is not a Thing. It’s size undefined. It’s somehwere between real and not real.

Here’s the solution.

The Heisenberg uncertainty principle is equal to looking at your guitar and thinking of playing the Note G. The note your thinking of is the floating electron.

It’s looking at a tuned guitar string set (Schrödinger’s equation) and Imagining the Note (the electron) that you want to play.

Here’s what’s happening. The Note already exists because all Harmony already exists. The emphasis of G is happening all the time, but it doesn’t have a loading dock by which to communicate itself. When you’re in this brainstorming session, what you are doing, is harmonizing with G without a procedure; without the mechanism of 1st, grab guitar, 2nd grab pick, 3rd, place fingers in correct places, 4th strum strings: which then phases in your brain waves/chords, the math of Schrodinger’s equation and the physics of Ohms law. Your mind and body are harmonizing.

A couple of these prodigy musicians, Beethoven, grew def but could still “hear” the music. What they were doing was Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle. They were guided by the suspended action of a Note he knew to belong somewhere exciting.

They decided where the note would go because, “That’s just where it fits the best to get the outcome (sound/ excitement/ excitation) that I want.” This suspended action doesn’t take up space and neither does Heisenberg’s electrons.

The uncertainty principle is the discovery of Harmony always existing without Procedure.

We Are Harmony. – Werner Heisenberg

The double slit experiment.

What’s happening in this experiment is one song is playing then it is interrupted by a sequential harmonious perspective (the electron detector). That new perspective harmonizes with the electron at a different measure and changes the tune of the music (the course of action).

When a song on the radio is interrupted by another song, that’s the intuitive equivalent of the Double Slit experiment.

There’s an experiment called the Quantum Eraser. Briefly, it says that electrons will travel back in time to correct themselves when the path of the electron is not known.

This is equal to when you are playing a chord/note and then…forget what the next note is and then…. stop making note decision and let the already produced sound reverberate in people’s memory.

When no note is being played (emphasized) Existence plays ALL Harmony Simultaneously. We get overwhelmed because we see a lot of stuff but with no obvious structure. A lot of harmony but not a way to connect them.

The Schrodinger equation is the math for ALL Simultaneous Harmony with no emphasis anywhere.

What we do then, as a progressive life choice, is look at all the songs (events) that could be played (experienced/ emphasized) and we choose the song that we want to rock out to, that excites us most, that we harmonize with.

Our job in life is to rock out to our favorite song and explore fully the excitement of this score of notes (insights and experiences) while expatiating (playing the song).


Your life is a song.

Procedural Mask

Your body is a procedural mask(it occupies space). Your mission should you choose to accept it is; harmonize your electric soul with as many contributions from your fellow electrical outlets as you dreamed plausible. Your mask is your sponge. Drink, light sockets, drink!

We are Harmony

Music and the Human Procedure

This is the most popular chord progression in history.

I            V            iv            VI

E           B           C#m        A

This flowing harmony uses, in a 4 count, each of the 5 brain wave phases that is always happening to all of us all the time: Delta (E string/chord/sound) Theta(A string/chord/sound) Alpha(D string/chord/sound) Alpha (G string/chord/sound) Gamma (B string/chord/sound). C#m is the floor.

C#m is the floor of the displaced atmosphere of Ohm’s Law. These are Alpha brain waves. They are in use when you blink or close your eyes during regular awake state. Delta is sleeping, Theta is relaxed, Alpha is next in ascending Hz, Beta is regular wake stasis, and Gamma is Excited. The substance of these waves is Electricity. So that’s E twice just like on the Guitar. A circle laid out flat.

Then the music and the electricity in the brain expatiate in Harmony (let’s say the C#m chord) following the physics of wave dynamics.

The undersigned sound /emphasis is E. Everything is harmonious with E.

E=mc2. This equation supports the superposition of the C#m chord when played. The squared is the differential between E11#9 and a physical object, C#m resonating.

The reason you will like all the songs in this video is because of physics. You are experiencing the Chords of your Electric Brain waves WITH all participants in an electric ocean of inertia.

That’s music and the Human Procedure.



Education in the West is akin to memorizing puzzle pieces that don’t make sense by a fixed deadline. The chunks of information float in memory are disconnected because that’s what knowledge is said to be; An aggregation of information that’s available upon demand separated by their unknown order of puzzling.

With no experiential ordering, (without personally figuring out the puzzle in real time) the chunks are perceived as disconnected so their behavior snaps to that of a symbol. The disconnection also requires management by the symbol manufactures to avoid collusion of symbols (chaos). That would make the manufactures look terrible and should they be found out they will lose all their business.

So, these symbols are then moved about in the memory referenced by thought by the manufactures of these symbols on an daily basis as participants are capable of interacting with the world. They’re alive.

Since the symbols are owned and operated by the manufactures of the symbols they are moved, altered and changed in the mind of the participant at the will of the manufactures.

This is the ground of education in the Western World.

Or, you can start with what makes you curious and follow the trail of excitement wherever that may lead. That’s figuring out the puzzle yourself with a glass of wine in your hand with your best friends over.

The Process of Joy.


Life is a succession of points of emphasis of a various excited nature(fear /Joy etc). It’s an electric painting unveiled in real time.

If the points are Uniquely Lived with freedom to create new orders of necessity, new processes by which to have the experience, the life has infinite value of the rendition of those points.

That moment of freedom is every moment of every day it is remembered that this is the case. Within that knowledge is the spark of curiosity, the excitement of innovation, the process of Joy.



Expatiation is expansion of a space with excitement and insight. This is progression that’s scalable.

One can’t grow and progress as a by product if they are dispositioned to escape the space they occupy for paradise. That’s regression.

The process of expatiation creates new ideas as a by product and coherent Joy.

Embrace the space with curiosity. This small progression will swell into excitement and insight. The space will then expatiate as one fluid motion.

Happiness ensues.

The Mechanics of Introspection

I don’t want total knowledge. I want to experience the side effects of knowledge that I don’t know yet so I can follow the new procedure until I have a harmony lock on it, which creates intuitive rapport with the new procedure, which then fills in the substance blanks of the new knowledge desired as a by product. That’s how we learned how to ride a bike; via the side effects of the knowledge not known yet. The side effects of knowledge always presents itself before the knowledge.

Building further, the new ground created, during expatiation, will be a host of new side effects that is being produced by more knowledge that was not accessible before. The next step is to experience the new procedures that filled in the substance that happened during expatiation. That’s making new ground.

The new ground is new space that has new procedure, which is a side effect of knowledge somewhere. The new procedure that makes up the new ground from expatiation is the side effect of more knowledge that is actively producing it.

The mechanics of introspection.

Structure of Rapport

Reflex reciprocation of positive excitement through empathy of participants. That’s high voltage meaning through shared intent. This is where Time comes in. This mechanism is automated for a “duration,” until it’s fixed in tacit knowledge. The duration is maintained until Intuition notifies you of a harmonious lock on the procedure.  Like it did when you suddenly knew how to ride a bike all of a sudden.

Once it becomes fixed it is Rapport through Trust (duration)