Jack and Jerry

The great quality about negative people is the implied kindness they have. They provide a wonderful bed of contrast for me so I don’t have to work as hard. I can just mumble something positive  and they start to melt.

Even when they increase the negativity to 100% mass of the space we occupy, that is a dance of anticipation, a profound emphasis, on any positive utterance that I can drool. They’re teasing me with ease of home runs.

The negative person loves me so much that they purposefully throw me lob balls to crank out of the park.

I mean, that’s kindness. They get totally into their servitude towards me, with the full body expressing of unfiltered bile. It’s crazy the lengths of service people will go to produce such pristine freshly combed negative context.  So all I have to do is show up and and say something nice about something arbitrary and they all start weeping.

That’s kindness. I would hug you but I know how love makes you feel good, and I, honestly, like home runs too much to hug you. We have a good thing going.

Save it for someone that gives a harry ****

Awee… That’s so sweet. You know my love language.

Fuck you, Jerry.

But we’re both straight, Jack. Now that’s love. You would go against your own male hetero bravado. I’m touched.



Nice shoes btw.

Awwww… Thanks

What, all I said was nice shoes, bro.

Yeah, but it was cool thing to say. I just got’em

Oh. 😉

5 electric strings in your head


This is probably the most beautiful and significant discovery of my life.

The physics of each of the chords on the guitar are 
identical to the waves in your brain. Picture above.

E – Delta
A – Theta
D – Alpha
G – Beta
B – Gamma
E – repeats

The ramifications of this is enormous.

Also, the 5 elements that are discharge from nuclear isotopes are equal to the above 5. The 3 sets of 5 are equal.

From the smallest thing to largest thing everything is proportionally connected. The ratio is 1.61803398875, the golden ratio.

More on this to come.

We are made of electricity. You are positively charging the space you occupy.

Cheers to you.

Your Life is A Song. The physics.

The Heisenberg uncertainty principle is that electrons don’t have a precise size. An electron is considered the most basic building block of physical matter. An Electron is a “thing” that is not a Thing. It’s size undefined. It’s somehwere between real and not real.

Here’s the solution.

The Heisenberg uncertainty principle is equal to looking at your guitar and thinking of playing the Note G. The note your thinking of is the floating electron.

It’s looking at a tuned guitar string set (Schrödinger’s equation) and Imagining the Note (the electron) that you want to play.

Here’s what’s happening. The Note already exists because all Harmony already exists. The emphasis of G is happening all the time, but it doesn’t have a loading dock by which to communicate itself. When you’re in this brainstorming session, what you are doing, is harmonizing with G without a procedure; without the mechanism of 1st, grab guitar, 2nd grab pick, 3rd, place fingers in correct places, 4th strum strings: which then phases in your brain waves/chords, the math of Schrodinger’s equation and the physics of Ohms law. Your mind and body are harmonizing.

A couple of these prodigy musicians, Beethoven, grew def but could still “hear” the music. What they were doing was Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle. They were guided by the suspended action of a Note he knew to belong somewhere exciting.

They decided where the note would go because, “That’s just where it fits the best to get the outcome (sound/ excitement/ excitation) that I want.” This suspended action doesn’t take up space and neither does Heisenberg’s electrons.

The uncertainty principle is the discovery of Harmony always existing without Procedure.

We Are Harmony. – Werner Heisenberg

The double slit experiment.

What’s happening in this experiment is one song is playing then it is interrupted by a sequential harmonious perspective (the electron detector). That new perspective harmonizes with the electron at a different measure and changes the tune of the music (the course of action).

When a song on the radio is interrupted by another song, that’s the intuitive equivalent of the Double Slit experiment.

There’s an experiment called the Quantum Eraser. Briefly, it says that electrons will travel back in time to correct themselves when the path of the electron is not known.

This is equal to when you are playing a chord/note and then…forget what the next note is and then…. stop making note decision and let the already produced sound reverberate in people’s memory.

When no note is being played (emphasized) Existence plays ALL Harmony Simultaneously. We get overwhelmed because we see a lot of stuff but with no obvious structure. A lot of harmony but not a way to connect them.

The Schrodinger equation is the math for ALL Simultaneous Harmony with no emphasis anywhere.

What we do then, as a progressive life choice, is look at all the songs (events) that could be played (experienced/ emphasized) and we choose the song that we want to rock out to, that excites us most, that we harmonize with.

Our job in life is to rock out to our favorite song and explore fully the excitement of this score of notes (insights and experiences) while expatiating (playing the song).


Your life is a song.


Relevant Evolution is Revolution.

If you made progress today as the day progressed on your behalf then you made a Relevant contribution to the Evolution of humanity.

You’re participating in the Revolution.

When the Revolution burst through the oppression, the camera’s go wild and the sounds go blazing, you can handshake the wave of the Relevant New as one of your own.

A stream of daily accomplishments and positively fused moments from all the occupants swells in the space.

The volume of the space goes up in positivity, then positively harmonizes with more positivity causing the space to increase in mass. The mass of the space occupied is restricted by the mass of the opposite charge in the same space. The greater mass overcomes the other and progression happens – REVOLUTION Happens!

Just by being positive.

Being is Necessary

You are a walking nuclear reactor. The exact same effects of nuclear radioactive decay is exactly what your brainwaves are. This is not a metaphor, this is actual. The cause and effect physics of your thought process creates the physically identical reaction as nuclear fusion.

The decay of radioaction is only possible in Space-Time. That’s the only domain that radtioaction can decay. Outside of space-time there is no decay. Even in Space-Time there are scientifically proven 90 isotopes/radioaction waves that DO NOT decay. ENTROPY is NOT universal.

When radioactive isotopes/nuclides are decaying they give off the exact same frequencies as your Brain waves: Gamma rays, Beta rays, Alpha rays, Theta and Delta rays.

This means that everything you think is actually in the past. The spreading out of these waves across your brain tissue is happening billionths of a second AFTER the thought happened. Let that sink in.

Every thought you have is AFTER the Fusion of three things: Memory, Sensation and focused intuition (imagination).  These are the 3 equal prongs of Perception.

Your thought process is billionths of a second after this convection of emotion. Convection is the goal!

Convection: the movement caused within a fluid by the tendency of hotter and therefore less dense material to rise, and colder, denser material to sink under the influence of gravity, which consequently results in transfer of heat.

This is what we are to do with positive/progressive thought and negative/regressive thought.  We let positive thought rise to the top and negative thought sink to the bottom.  That’s what we’re doing! I love it! What an amazing creation (outside space-time).  Creative (in Time). Being is needed to unfold into Space-Time

Everything you see, feel and experience is in the past.

First there is nuclear fusion then there is activity in your brain and in your line of sight.

Who is controlling these thoughts? You. You are controlling them.  You are the Being that is sorting and convicting them into structure, not just any Being but a Human Being.  What a marvelous experiment! Humanity!  Can Humanity do it? Can Humans Be?

Every thought is a nuclear bomb exploding in the front ventricle of your brain.

BEING is necessary.

There are three states of existence that need a BEING in order for them to co-exist. Here’s an example.

Sensation – outside of space-time
Sensational – just Space but no Time
Sensitive – Just Time but no Space.

A BEING in NOW is needed for all three of these to intersect and act together interchangeably. A Being is needed to dispose of each state continually, that’s called “thinking.” BEING is the singularity of Space-Time. BEING is a conduit for these states to intersect. BEING is resonating them into Space and Time as one fluid movement of progression.

We, as this vortex BEING, in this river of Energy are holding it all in place by our significant intent. Significance is gauged by our ability to convict positive emotions/thoughts to top priority and let the negative ones drop out of significance (convection).

Each person is the center that this activity of Energy that we are sorting through and coalescing together in one place. We are structuring/ convicting our environment with nuclear power.

Nuclear bombs are so destructive because there’s no Being in which to house and structure the radioactivity as it unfolds.  There’s no Being to direct this power to move an arm or to sit or to talk or to wonder about what’s for lunch.  A Being is Needed to do all the things we take for granted.  Since Being is just Convection this process doesn’t ever stop.  Physical Life is a convection center, that is all.

In Nuclear physics they have solved a problem that the world religions have yet to solve. Here’s what I mean. An Isotope and a Nuclide are the same thing but the The Nuclide has more definition than the other. The Nuclide represents Western Thought whereas Isotopes represent Eastern Thought.

For example, Carbon -14 is the marriage of both Eastern and Western thought. An isotope is a bag of particles ( for example, carbon). The 14 in Carbon 14 is the weight of all the particles inside the Isotope.  This 14 number represents a lot of minute detail of definition, weight, energy and all sorts of things – Western thought.

So it’s a combination of Oneness (Isotope), Eastern thought of wholeness and fragmentation (Nuclide) or Western definition of the finite that are actually working together to explain the same thing.  Instead of fighting the scientific community decided to call these things BOTH Carbon-14.  Instead of calling it 14 they created something new called “Carbon 14.”  That’s the West and the East working together in unison.

Rather remarkable actually. Nuclear physicists have actually found a solution to World Peace without even thinking about it.

What is really happening in a given moment is more interesting than one can even imagine. Life is a remarkable event of nuclear exploration and organization.

The pregnant women and the orangutan

It’s not that the “orangutan knows the woman is pregnant,” that’s backward. It’s humans don’t know that existence is in infinite forms at all times. The orangutan knows, more about the nature of existence than the human does. This video is just that: we, existence, in two different unfolded defined forms relating to each other in an exciting way.

The baby in the woman and the animal already know each other, they are communicating. It’s the humans that devolved into NOT knowing what’s known that this scene can happen. It’s the human perspective that’s “dumb” not the miracle that an orangutan can “know” through glass. Do you see where humanity has mistakenly evolved into? We evolved into a box of limitations. Ironically, even though the orangutan is in the box it’s the humans that are “trapped” by limited perception. It’s actually that the orangutan that is free, not the humans. The orangutan has more awareness of the nature of existence. More awareness equals freedom. The orangutan is like Neo from the matrix.  The people are in the matrix and the orangutan is not. Humans have it backwards.

This human perception of separation of existence points (pregnant women and zoo animal) is what used to be problem. With modern science this is changing.

In order to just HAVE this experience, we, infinite existence must define ourselves in a certain way so this can happen. If existence was undefined there would be no observer and observed. Existence needs to force itself into billions of limited reflexive definitions just to experience this. All those definitions are within the infinite. They are “acting facilitators,” of this endeavor. They’re “characters” if you will. Forms in the content to carry out the reflexive desires of the unlimited via the entry point of a character (perspective).

The goal is not to be an infinite super being with unlimited power to mow down, dominate and interact with the environment as desired (American thought). That’s already the default case beyond what can be imagined. Existence already dominates all. The goal is to construct certain limited parameters of self, something that is known and imagined but not experienced first hand.

Life is a partitioning of the infinite to have a look at one specific experience that is interesting and exciting. This short video is just that. We are experiencing ourselves in different forms that are exciting.


Leave your mark

Perception is the fingerprint of your imagination. If you want to leave your mark and impact the world then use your positive imagination and let your fingerprint perception flow into ideas….then let the ideas Happen..and Be…Without out judgement

Start with your positive imagination and let’s change the world.

Let’s do this.