Relevant Evolution is Revolution.

If you made progress today as the day progressed on your behalf then you made a Relevant contribution to the Evolution of humanity.

You’re participating in the Revolution.

When the Revolution burst through the oppression, the camera’s go wild and the sounds go blazing, you can handshake the wave of the Relevant New as one of your own.

A stream of daily accomplishments and positively fused moments from all the occupants swells in the space.

The volume of the space goes up in positivity, then positively harmonizes with more positivity causing the space to increase in mass. The mass of the space occupied is restricted by the mass of the opposite charge in the same space. The greater mass overcomes the other and progression happens – REVOLUTION Happens!

Just by being positive.

Organic excitement

Stoners have had the single most powerful substance in there hands for over 50 years. Sativa.

Sativa when smoked creates an Organic excitement about whatever the person is thinking about.

This is the holy grail of human action people are searching for. Organically excited about what you are doing. Sativa delivers this like gangbusters. Here are some strains that will put a beautiful creative spark immediately into your soul:

Jack Herer
Green Crack
Cracker Jack
Sour Diesel
And many more Sativas

Alcohol cannot do this.

Sativa has the power to change the world with organic excitement and inspiration fuelled by the focus of Jack Herer.