You are

Harmony in Search of Exciting Procedure


What you are

You are The Electricity that Is. Or, Nuclear Radioaction. Outside Procedure Land, aka, space-time, all that exists is Harmony. Harmony doesn’t take up space when there’s no corresponding procedure. It’s just rate of amperes flow. When an electricity Volt stops with this coil (a person dies) it discords with procedure and exists only as harmony. Procedure Land is marriage of harmonious procedure. That’s, expatiation. We are expatiating in cadence with other volts.

Expatiation is infusion of space with excitement. That positive excitement is immediately found by like positive charges. That’s “growth”

Expatiation is expansion through excitement. It’s the same procedure as photosynthesis. Creating – LifeSynthesis through eXperience.

LifeSynthesis is solving for X.

Outside space-time



These are the different synchronicities that a Being can be in.

This is only possible because of Radioaction.

Nuclear Radioactivity. We know exactly what that is. The actual Radioactivity of isotopes is what’s outside of space-time.

We are Actors that are Radioactual. A whirlpool of focused Radioactivity. The focal point is pie squared.