Dilemma for the Christian.

My question is about the nature of heaven. If I’m correct in my doctrine, heaven is paradise where one can have anything you want. Is that correct? ANYTHING, is where we get into trouble. This notion of freedom is hardwired into heaven. Right?

So here’s the dilemma.

If one is TRULY FREE, then they can do anything anytime whenever with ZERO down side. Just bliss and love forever and ever Amen.

If that’s the eternal case that cannot change then people in heaven should be able to go to hell and just grab people, whoever, and bring them to heaven with no problems.

The Christian doctrine says that’s categorically not allowed.

My question to the practicing Christian. Will you use your implicit freedom to go temporarily to hell and get the people you LOVE AGAINST the will of God?

If you CAN’T go get people then you are not free. If you are not free to go to hell from heaven and get ALL the people that are being tortured then you are not actually totally free. You never will be with hell still there.

Heaven is actually a place where you get to stew in the notion for all eternity that people you LOVE are being viscerally destroyed every 4 seconds and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Why would anyone devote their lives to being in such a place of eternal internal torment. Knowing that family and friends are being heinously gas chambered like the Holocaust then eaten alive by crows.

I wouldn’t be able to tolerate the mental duress. I love people too much to sit idle while they are being destroyed forever. This heaven place is not free if I don’t have the freedom to rescue terrible asshole people from the lake of fire.

No thanks to heaven, sounds like diet hell.

You and God

God needs to exist. That’s too needy for me. I don’t need to exist, I exist. I don’t know what it’s like to have that need. I’ve never needed to exist. The thought has never crossed my mind. There’s no need involved at all.

God has more needs than I do. God needs to learn from those that don’t need to exist, to stop being so needy all the time, goddammit.

We Exist. Outside of space-time we are Radioaction. Then in just Time we are Radioactive. Then unfolding in space-time we are Being.

Existence vs God

God is bound to necessity. Whereas Existence is Being.

God needs to be absolute and can have no contingency whatsoever. He is bound by need.

Existence is an unfolding that’s producing needs and contingencies as a by product of its movement. By movement I mean like a flower unfolds into space-time with coherent resonation of the energy of the Sun and water (like a toaster in a bathtub). Also known as “growing.” A flower is filling out a predetermined pattern with energy (sun/water conducting).

God is bound to the necessity to exist: God Needs to Exist.

Whereas Existence is Being; there’s no state of nothing where Existence is not also at. You can’t go outside of imagination. That place would be somewhere that can’t be imagined. Can you imagine somewhere that can’t be imagined?

Nothing doesn’t exist but it needs to. If the thing needs to exist it doesn’t.

Existence is being and being is existing.

Therefore, God is a by product of Existence.

All states outside of Being can only be visited with the imagination. Imagination is always telling you that truth. It’s always telling you the truth. What it’s not telling you is the structure of what you are being shown. You have to ask the imagination what the structure is and it will show it to you.

You will then go build the structure and then you will unfold what it is you saw. That’s Being. God can’t do that.

Existence is what’s happening. We are existing and looking at Existence from 7 billion different full immersion perspectives and emotional dispositions. God can’t do that either.

We know from existing experience what it’s like to get fired and hired and dumped and hit on in the same day with your favorite song on the radio. God doesn’t.

All information exists. It, like the flower, is unfolding into space-time with coherent resonation of energy (excitement) and thinking (fluid information movement). A new idea is like a toaster in the bathtub.

Existence is. We Are. Being.

Heaven Right Now

Someone in Heaven right Now is reflecting with nostalgic euphoria about that one time they were with you and the crew laughing, high fiving and being young and stupid. This is happening right Now since it’s always Now everywhere. It’s Now at ALL Times.

Since someone that’s IN paradise is remembering something that blissful that didn’t happen in paradise but on Earth that necessitates that Earth life has something to offer that paradise CANNOT offer. In heaven they can only relive this experience with you that happened first on Earth in the moment and progressed then from delicious moment to delightful moment.

For this reason, adding to paradise a memory that didn’t exist before, this Life on Earth, happening in syncopation with right Now, is more valuable than the life in heaven. The people in heaven are lacking the experiences you are having everyday. The people in paradise can only relive them whereas you are LIVING them Now. It’s NOW in both places except you are generating new euphoria that is being used in paradise as a source of their paradise. You are feeding paradise with exciting Life experience to be relived like movie night in paradise. You are the star of movie night in paradise.

Since they in paradise don’t struggle they have to remember struggling with this same euphoria.

At any given moment you have more to offer your immediate surroundings than the surroundings in total paradise.

Your every moment life experience, of any shade, is more valuable and precious than any experience in paradise.

Since that’s the case, THIS, is better than paradise.

The people in heaven want to be what you are being.

You’re doing an amazing job.

You are exciting everywhere you go. And paradise is remembering it. Paradise only has memories to work from whereas you have New real time experiences that paradise is using to fill that place with bliss. Without you and your amazing Life of struggling and buddy shenanigans, paradise wouldn’t be anywhere near as amazing.

So thank you for being you. The excitement that you create is being remembered and used by thousands if not millions of people in paradise as a sample of what paradise is.

Have a great day. Bliss tinted love to you.