Space, Time and Intuition

If you use the word “I” you are breaking the surface tension of mind/body. You’re doing this with the intuitive sensation of “I” in the volume that is in place where there is space.

Congrats, you are intuitive.

It takes Time to explore this progression of Space with the progressive “I.” The I is what does it. I, is the actor in the volume of Intuition with synchronized repetition (Time). It’s this exploration that is the meeting place of space-time. Hawking’s Singularity.

You take up space and it takes time to structurally know growing progression of additional space being experienced with Time. That’s space-time. That’s existence.

We are expatiating “I.” This is being done through a sensation in a mass of Intuition. Babies can’t distinguish between intuitive and pituitary sensations until about 3 years old so they don’t have a harmonious intuitive “I.”

People that believe that mind and body are separate have this same problem but they are confused and babies are not. They start their existence with only Intuition and imagination. Stephen Hawking proved with mathematics that mind and body are not separate. Physics proved that we are one.

Physics gave us the Truth. Those that don’t accept math as accurate have a quarrel with Physics. Good luck with that.

Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking did what no other person has ever done. He synthesized Intuition with Empiricism. He did it with mathematics. Absolute synthesis of the mind and the body.

The magic number that mind and body synthesize into?


That’s it. 1 is the magic number. That’s what the equation of the singularity is. In both places: mind and body.

They are equivalent. They are equal.

You, We, are ONE.

Stephen Hawking did this. Hawking singularity (mind) + Hawking radiation (body) = 1

This means conclusively that we are Imagination. Your imagination and your body are ONE in the SAME.

This was discovered in 1974.