The Meaning of Life

A Person is a focused Individuation (undividable singularity) of Radioactive Imagination Intuitively coherent with a finite Perception that has sensation of Meaning from the environment (space-time).

Meaning – Various Pools of shared resonating charged emotions, negative and positive. Love, hate, fear, boredom, bliss, happiness.

The more exciting the pool the more Meaning Life will be. There could be various combinations of pools, Love, or Love/ excitement, love/joy/fear etc…  We are Being them.

Being is what we are, Human Being. Therefore, a Person is a Human Being.

The Meaning of Life is to be a conductor of positive excitement and to fully enjoy, internally and externally, all the physics of that Radioactive production. Of which you are the Producer, The One, the Singularity, Individual, the Isotrope.

This is how we are looking at our own different states of Radioactivity. We are Isotropy. Radioaction Isotropy


Existence is structuring itself (“learning”)

Because uncertainty is regressive and certainty is progressive when we approach a problem with positive Intuition we choose progression because that is what makes sense and is our new ground by which forward movement occurs.

That’s why everything is moving like a wave in the universe. Existence is progressing into a regression field (unstructured imagination) at 70,000 km/hr. The wave starts with one progressive thought that then proceeds to another larger progressive point where the thought progresses to another compounded thought where it snow balls into now a larger object of protons and electrons and neutrons. Atoms hold the mechanics of the definition of the thought that progressed from intent. Electrons are little chunks of the regression field that have been assimilated into the progress. It has a structure now.

People that choose regression will forever stay in a place of uncertainty. There is no way out if you reject progression as illusion.

Choose to approach life with positive Intuition, and it will immediately change.